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W. Diaz

How to make AI not spawn unless a real player is playing it

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Hi there, I am trying to setup my units training map (im a new map dev) I am trying to have it where if there is no actual player for the position then the AI does not spawn if that makes sense.


For example



- AI 1

- AI 2

- AI 3 


There is a player in AI 1, which would show and be playable by a real person but there is no real person playing AI's 2 and 3, how do I make 2 and 3 not spawn. 


I would like it where we can still have AI spawn to play as OPFOR or for Civilian AI's if we decide to do a training event using AI's



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There is a setting in the editor that you can check, or that you can add to description.ext:

disabledAI = 1; // 0: disabled - 1: enabled. Default: 0

1 (checked) will do what you want, 0 (not checked) will allow AI to be in place of playable units. This does not disable AI units entirely, only units set to player or playable.

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