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[SP] Warping Plague

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Here is the first version of a Livonia port for version 1.20, I still need to change some things in the radio messages and diary entries to suit a landlocked terrain, but it is fully playable as much as I have tested up to day 7.


I'm open to suggestions for changes - I am considering moving the zone away from the densly-forested Sila factory area to the more open east somewhere, and am not happy with the town area, it is a little too big to manage.



  • Fittest gang is made up of Looters instead of Syndikat
  • Shotguns added to SMG pool, will now show up on enemies and as loot
  • Contact vehicles added to possible spawns (tractors and covered offroads)



Managed to fix an issue with the marker "AllB_1" preventing the mission from starting correctly - it now works almost perfectly, though I had some lag spikes in the first 3 minutes due to missing radio protocols, maybe to do with 'silent' radio protocol of warper creatures, who knows.

Sound: Error: File: voice\radioprotocolper\normal\040_movedistanceabsolute1\move_dist75.ogg not found !!!

This whole mission is more performance-heavy than the original Malden since the area is larger and there are more objects to account for in calculations such as radiation. Radiation in general is contained somewhat by dense forests, but it quickly grows to dangerous levels as you get closer to hot spots.



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Looking forward to this one! 

Nice idea about the Sila arms factory, 

I mean any place can be an 'outbreak place' just add some scientific/military ruins/buildings and there you go; an experiment has gone wrong, or something was dug up and everything went south, something fell out of the sky (Tunguska event :icon_biggrin: ), etc. 

Keep on going!

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