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getArtilleryETA not working for VLS

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So I'm writing a little thing to call in a cruise missile from the VLS and I want a marker on the position where the strike will be with the ETA next to it.  To get that ETA I'm using getArtilleryETA, this is how I'm using it: VLS getArtilleryETA [getPos _target, currentMagazine VLS];  Now my problem is that it returns -1.  And no, the missile doesn't arrive one second before I call it in 🙂

Is it something I'm doing wrong or does getArtilleryETA not work for the VLS?  If it's the latter, anyone have any other idea how I could get an ETA for that missile? 


Here's the full code I'm using for reference:


callCruiseMissile = {
	params ["_mode", "_trigger"];
	playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f\modules\supports\artillery_request.ogg", player];
	[player, "Requisting artillery support at the designated coordiantes"] remoteExecCall ["commandChat", 0];
	private _target = objNull;
	if (_mode == "laser") then {
		_target = laserTarget player;
	} else {
		private _pos = screenToWorld [0.5,0.5];
		_target = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F" ,_pos, [],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"];
	private _eta = 5 + round( VLS getArtilleryETA [getPos _target, currentMagazine VLS]);		
	private _marker = createMarkerLocal [format ["artilleryVehicleTarget_%1", time], getPos _target];
	_marker setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON";
	_marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_warning";
	_marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBLUFOR";
	_marker setMarkerTextLocal format [' Artillery ETA %1 sec', _eta];
	sleep 5;
	playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f\modules\supports\artillery_acknowledged.ogg", player];
	[VLS, "Target location received.  Ordinance is inbound.  Out."] remoteExecCall ["commandChat", 0];
	west reportRemoteTarget [_target, _eta + 3]; 
	_target confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; 
	VLS fireAtTarget [_target, "weapon_vls_01"];
	playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f\modules\supports\artillery_rounds_complete.ogg", player];
	[VLS, "Rounds complete.  Out."] remoteExecCall ["commandChat", 0];
	[_marker, _eta, _target, _mode] spawn {
		params ["_marker", "_eta"];
		private ["_i"];
		for [{ _i = _eta }, { _i > 0 }, { _i = _i - 1 }] do
		{	sleep 1;
			_marker setMarkerText format [' Artillery ETA %1 sec', _i];
			if (_i == 3) then {
				playSound3D ["A3\dubbing_f\modules\supports\artillery_accomplished.ogg", player];
				[VLS, "Splash.  Out."] remoteExecCall ["commandChat", 0];
		deleteMarker _marker;
		if (!isNil "_target" && !isNil "_mode") then {
			if (_mode != "laser") then {
				deleteVehicle _target;
	if (!isNil "_trigger") then {
		deleteVehicle _trigger;

support1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0], false];
support1 setTriggerText "Cruise missile strike (laser guided)";
support1 setTriggerActivation ["ALPHA", "NOT PRESENT", false];
support1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "['laser',thisTrigger] spawn callCruiseMissile;",""];

support2 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0], false];
support2 setTriggerText "Cruise missile strike (GPS guided)";
support2 setTriggerActivation ["BRAVO", "NOT PRESENT", false];
support2 setTriggerStatements ["this", "['gps',thisTrigger] spawn callCruiseMissile;",""];



Edit: Figured out a way around it by using a fired event handler and calculating the ETA myself based of the speed of the missile and the distance between it and the target.

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