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Everything you wanted to know about Crowns and Boosters

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With our Update 0.8, we are newly bringing in purchasable boosters and our brand new in-game currency: Crowns. In the article below you should find everything you ever wanted to know about these along with answers to all of your frequently asked questions.





Are new addition newly purchasable while waiting in the player Lobby.  They come in three flavors:

More Loot:  will increase the amount and variety of resources you can find throughout the map.

Better Crate: will increase the quality of the airdrop and change which grade of crate you can receive — the better the class of crate, the better the loot inside it. Of course, you still have to make it out alive... 

Insurance: is a little more personal and means you will keep whatever you are carrying with you at the time of your death (apart from the airdrop, of course...). 


While choosing your booster please keep in mind you have limited time to do so -  ( approximate 37 seconds) after which purchase of boosters is forbidden and you continue into the encounter. 


Who is affected by Boosters?
More loot booster and Better crate booster will apply on all players on the map - that is why even if you choose to get yourself a better airdrop crate there is NOT 100% certainty that you will actually get it. You still have to fight and you are risking losing it all - this way we are making sure to prevent unfair environment and advantages.

Insurance is the only booster that applies only to the player who bought it. - With insurance, you make sure that even if you die, you will get out with everything you have on yourself (Except the Airdrop crate - that would be obviously unfair and impossible)


Isn't this "Pay to win"?

While we understand these concerns we are doing everything we can to prevent that. And as was mentioned before - even if you decide to "pay" for a better crate or more loot - you are affecting the whole encounter not only for yourself but for others too. There is still a high risk that you won't get the crate or that you will get killed before you can even enjoy all of that extra loot. Vigor is all about cut-throat experience and Boosters are not going to change that. 



Boosters can be purchased using Crowns, which are available in-game or from the Microsoft Store.

While in Shelter player can interact with a stack of magazines or switch UI screens in the shelter to get into the store - From which 5 different packs of crowns are available.


Is there anything else I can buy with Crowns?

For now, no. There will be more purchasable items in the future but for now, players can buy only boosters. We decided to implement this system before the full release of the game to test it out, see how it works and gather as much feedback as possible.


What about my Founder's Pack Crowns?

Each player has already received their 1400 Crowns (from their founder's pack purchase) along with 100 Crowns for completing the tutorial as soon as they downloaded our new Update 0.8


With the full release of the game there is supposed to be a wipe of progression. What will happen with the crowns I have spent? Why should I spend them now, when my progression is about to get wiped?

Do not worry Outlanders! All of your crowns that you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game!
Thanks to that we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters are the most helpful for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need to improve and polish this system as much as we can. 


In my last Encounter with paid Boosters I, unfortunately, experienced server crash. What about my Crowns?

We try to prevent these issues as much as possible. However, if somehow server crash still occurs your crowns will be automatically returned to you right after this unfortunate event. 



If you have any more questions, definitely do not hesitate to ask down below!


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I like this game but the shooting is a little choppy for example; I opened a window a guy was right outside, I tried to aim and shoot I had to get up on to the window ledge to shoot which then my gun didn’t even shoot when I pulled the trigger it lagged about a 1/2 second if not 3/4 of a second until the shot fired. I understand this is a work in progress so I’m just informing about this issue and also a leaning mechanic wouldn’t be bad in this game for corners and clearing houses instead of throwing our whole body in the open to shoot, as well as the people in houses with shotguns. Campers lol 

Thanks vigor I love the game tho!


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