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AI Uncommanded Landing of a Helo - Resolved - Please Delete

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Hello all,


I'm putting together some custom waypoint types to support a helocasting system I'm putting together.


I'm having an issue where the AI piloted helicopter turns to land on shore when performing the helocast.


I've tried disabling damage, adding a custom handleDamage EH, using disableCollisionWith and using disableAI on the helicopter to no avail.


I've also verified that the damage to the helo is 0, ditto the crew.


The helicopter is landing even though it has a move waypoint currently assigned.


Does anyone know why an AI controlled helicopter would suddenly fly off and land and how I could prevent it?


Thanks in advance!


RESOLVED - The issue was the units I was placing in the helicopter were being automatically synced tot he same group as the helicopter.

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