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Game Events

Comm Station

  • There is one com station in the level - it is marked on the map
  • The station can be used from the start of the match until 2 minutes before the airdrop spawns
  • The station is used to change the drop location for the airdrop
  • The player who interacts with the comm station first gets to select the new landing spot
  • Other players interacting with the comm station receive exact location of incoming airdrop
  • Other players receive a notification: "Airdrop landing zone has been changed."


Radio Signals Detector

  • There is Radio Signal Detector in every level - marked on the map
  • Interact with it to reveal positions of other players in the match (they will be marked in your map)
  • Visible on the map for 20 seconds, the position is not updated
  • There is a 120-second long cooldown for use
  • There is a sound notification to all players when the Radio Signal Detector is used


Combination Lock

  • Locked chests can be found in different levels
  • They contain more loot than regular containers
  • There can be 0 up to 5 locked chests in an encounter
  • To open the chest, the player must unlock the combination lock
  • Interacting with the combination lock will provide the player with vibration feedback and sound clues, that can be used to figure out the correct combination
  • Once the combination lock has been unlocked, the chest can be looted by everyone


Shooting Range Challenges  

  • In the firing range, the player can interact with the challenge menu, placed on the table on the left  
  • Each challenge is weapon specific and the player must have the required weapon equipped to start the challenge  
  • Each challenge has its own requirements and time requirements  
  • Once a challenge has been completed, the time is saved & every challenge will store the player's best time  


Player Lobby

  • Player will get to player lobby after matchmaking  
  • The lobby has a time limit (42s), 5s before limit ends purchase of boosters is forbidden
  • After the limit is up the player is sent to encounter. 
  • Things players can do while waiting in the lobby:  Focus on a specific player: see his equipment (weapons only), Buy booster for the match 



  • More Loot - will increase loot quality and/or quantity in the encounter 
  • Better Crate - will change the quality and/or quantity of the airdrop crate.
  • Insurance  - Player will keep items that he has at the point of death in encounter except for the airdrop crate


Crowns (Hard Currency)

  • The player can interact with a stack of magazines in the shelter or switch UI screens in the shelter to get into the store 
  • In the store, there are 5 packs of hard currency  
  • In-Game Hard Currency is called Crowns and in 0.8 They can be used to exchange for boosters.


Gestures System

  • The player must hold Dpad Right to open Gesture selection wheel while he chooses the appropriate slot with a gesture
  • 8 gestures available: wave, thumbs up, point right, point forward, dusting of hands (Founders Only), point down, point left, thumbs down


New Character customization

  •  New Hair variants for the female character


Weapon Changes + Sniper Features

  • Hold breath mechanic present for aiming scoped weapons.: Activated by pressing L3 when in 1PV, If the player holds their breath for too long the camera will shake
  • Scope Glint when players aim using a scoped weapon - Glint is present when 10m away from an aiming opponent.
  • Rarity re-order of all weapons.
  • The weight of weapons is now more diverse and  effects Speed
  • Scoped weapons have no aim assist.

 Different types of  Crates 

  • Common (15 slots)
  • Uncommon (12 slots)
  • Rare (9 slots)
  • Military (9 slots)
  • Special (6 slots)


Crafting has been reworked.

  • Economy rebalanced


UI Improvements


Character Mechanics & Animations Improvements

  • New woman skeleton + uniform tweaks
  • New animations for female characters:  sprint, run, walk. crouch, jump
  • New animations for male characters: run, crouch, stop & turn


New Sounds & Music


Founder’s Pack Items

  • Vigor Trucker Cap
  • Dusting hand gesture
  • 1400 Crowns


Outlander gadget

  • Tomato Timer


Camera and Movement changes 

  • Reduced delay while moving character, Jumping is higher,  While jumping it is impossible to shoot, 
  • Cooldown after jumping
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