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Who We Are:
This unit started as a merge between an American and a British unit all the way back in ArmA,
yes the first ArmA. We didn’t start out as a parachute regiment back then, but as the 23rd mountain division. 
It became apparent however, that we wanted a different way. And we came into the world as 3PARA. 

Ever since then, we have kept to our high standard, and will always do. 
That said, we aren’t a hardcore (yes sir, no sir) unit, but we do get serious when we put our game faces on. 
We do this to honour the actual parachute regiment, from which we have been allowed to use the name. 
Of course we have both people who are a bit more serious, and some who are a bit more casual. We are humans, not robots after all. 
Our unit Is made up of people mainly from Europe, but we still have a few Americans who enjoy gaming with us. 
Many of our members are also former or current military, which provides a great deal of tactical know-how, as well as NATO standard procedures/tactics.


Right now 3Para-GU consist of the following active units:

A 5 team there runs the unit, zeus, forum, teamspeak, gameservers ect.

Rifle section. 

Fire Support Group.

Army Air Corps


Our Schedule:
Our sessions are ran on Thursdays and Sundays at 1900 UK time (GMT / GMT +1 season dependent). 
Typically our Thursdays focus on ACOY ore ITC traning.
Our Sunday events are dedicated to cooperative and joint operations.

Our Community:
As a unit, we rely on aggressive, but well-coordinated tactics, which we practice while we use them, under the concept of “train as you fight”. 
And all of our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are made with ArmA being in game, but still being as close to realism as we can. 
Our teamspeak is alway open and there is almost all the time sombody there, playing arma ore a other game.


How To Join:
If you're interested in joining drop by oure forum
and fill out the form, drop on TS so we can get to know you.

Step 1: Fill out an application form on forum 
Step 2: Drop on ts so we can get to know you.
Step 3: Do ITC traning part 1-4 
Step 4: If successful part 1-4 its time for part5 
Step 5: After part5 it time to transfer  in to the active sections



Community Contact Details:
Discord: https://discord.gg/Hudawd





























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