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Devstream #16 - Ask Questions

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Another Dev Stream incoming - This time with the latest news about our new Update 0.8: Signal.


Ask any questions you might have down below so we can make sure to address them during our live stream.



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Will there be a sprint bar added? I always seem to find myself without sprint when I need it the most, I feel like some way of knowing when to stop sprinting will be a very helpful addition,

Thank you 🙂

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Release still Q1/2019 or do you have a specific date now? I'm asking because it is not much time left and I see this question all the time at Twitter and Facebook.






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With the crowns system, will you only be able to get crowns with real money or can you loot them in game? Will you only be able to buy boosters with crown or will there be another way to get them? If you can only get boosters with crowns which you can only get with real money, do you consider this pay to win?

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Are you considering putting quests in the game? Example: loot X amount of gas to help NPC for rewards.

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Qustions for dev stream.

When using the station to reveal player locations on map, will other players be able see marked players ? And will players get a notification they are marked?

Does insurance cover looted items OR items you take IN? Guns,ammo ect.

Can we expect more variations of current guns? Soon? Eg  ak with a red dot sight.  G3 with a acog scope?

And can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the FN FAL in game please. 🙂

Is a more urban map planned? Would be fun to be in a city like environment. 

How long can we expect to wait for NEW maps?

Is there a road map for planned future content? 

 will it be possible to choose which map we go into in the future?

Thank you for making a great game

We cant wait for what the future holds


Honourable bandits


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Here are some questions my veiwers always ask me & some questions I have. 

▪️Will there ever be attachments to weapons? (different sights, larger magazines, suppressors) 

▪️Will there be a stamina bar added to display when your low similar to the health bar? 

▪️Will we be able to trade weapons or give weapons to are duo partners? (in game matches or at home base) 

▪️Will there ever be NPCs to trade with on our home base? (trade carfting materials for weapons, ammo, ect.)

▪️Will our home bases ever be expanded upon? (making it possible to explore the whole coast were on) 

▪️Will there ever be backpacks added to the game? (adds expandable storage when in game but you lose it if you die like everything else in Vigor) 

▪️Will there ever be a option to stay in 1st person? 

▪️Will we ever be able to go to another players base? (preferably place this at the bottom of the dock & we spawn at the other players dock) 

▪️Will there ever be squads or a 3 man option? 

▪️Will there ever be any type of PVE element added to the game (wolf's, bears, coyotes, etc.) 

▪️Will home bases ever be customizable? (colors of the walls, floor patterns, etc.) 

▪️Will there be daily challenges or missions added to the game?

▪️Will there be a reward for killing someone that's wanted on the map? 

▪️Will there be a reward for making it out of the map while being wanted? 

▪️Will a name be displayed over our duos partners? (so we don't kill them anymore) 

▪️Will there be a kill cam (sometimes you don't even know how you died) 

▪️Once dead will we be able to spectate our duo partner? (when streaming or just playing it sucks that we can't see are partners play) 

▪️We will ever be able to revive a team member? 

▪️Will the home base ever have its own weather? (same thing as in a match ever now & then it's sunny, snowing, raining, etc.) 

▪️We there ever be a player leveling system? 

▪️We there ever be a stats page? (shows how many kills, hard shots, vaults, creates, escapes, deaths a player has) 


▪️Do you think theres chance there will be a support a creator code for the item shop in game or download link to help creators one day? 

I know there's alot of questions to unfold here but I've been enjoying Vigor so much lately & with this update its just gonna get better so I hope you can get through all the questions have a nice day! 







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Hi are you going to add any more upgrades to the home base its one of my favourite parts of the game also keep up the good work

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