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ArmA3 Game Modes explanations?

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I am looking for new ways to entertain myself with ArmA3 Singleplayer but I find the large amount of Capture the island game modes the game and mods provide confusing. Can someone please explain the differences between the various game modes with a sentence or two? So far I found:


Antistasis - Guerilla capture the island

Proman - ???

Insurgency - ???

TRGM2 - ???

Warlords - CTI with capturing zones?

BECTI - ???

WLA - Amalgation - ???

Arma Commander - ???

Zort - ???

Liberation - ???

Invade & Annex - ???

DUWS - ???

Overthrow - ???


Any other mode worth mentioning?

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3 hours ago, kibyde said:

with ArmA3 Singleplayer


Hello there kibyde !

It's not every mission playable with one player , if not in SP.

You can play , [SP] Pilgrimage , Antistasi and DUWS ,but you should definitely , check instead of CTI (capture the island) missions, for SP only scenarios.

There are a lot of good missions !



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crCTI Proman is a "Conquer the island" you can play alone but you will need a server to do so.

12 vs 12 Squads included 2 Commanders. You can be a squadleader or a commander.


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Insurgency, at least the version we run, is all about clearing areas with hostiles and finding and destroying ammo caches.


I would also recommend trying Advance and Secure. But I'm not sure if that runs in SP. Actually I'm not sure of anything I mentioned runs in SP because we run them on a server but I think they are worth checking out 🙂

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9 hours ago, kibyde said:

Any other mode worth mentioning?



A Singleplayer WW2 RTS (Real Time Strategy) for IFA3 Lite.


With this "mode" you play as a commander who needs to build forces by capturing whats called Strategic points (Flags), once these flags are captured, each one

provides a certain amount of points that get added to the Commander's total of supply's and power.

   The number of supplies and power available allows the commander to build different buildings like a barracks where you can recruit various types of AI squads, a Garage building

for recruiting/spawning various vehicles even a type of vehicle called the advanced construction vehicle where you can build other advanced buildings like a tank factory, or a logistics.


The more points, the more options open up or get unlocked if you will allowing you to build your forces bigger, meanwhile you can play in an rts mode where you can

point and click, but you can also play as any soldier, vehicle, tank, static in your forces (1st/3rd person) and go capture the strategic points yourself.

       Now at the same time your doing all of this, an AI Soviet Commander (Hetman for Arma3 by Rydygier built into the Mode) is doing the same as you, he is

capturing any strategic points as well to also build his forces, and eventually trying to make his way to your base to destroy you.


The mission mode is also customizable to a degree, you can build your own missions, limitations are a matter of coding/and scripts but for the editor aspect its really about just

copy n paste, and moving things to where you want, save, transfer the files and there you have a new mission.




Another mode for arma3 is called Dynamic Recon OPs or DRO .

Dynamic Recon Ops is a randomized, replayable scenario that generates an enemy occupied AO with a selection of tasks to complete within.


9 hours ago, kibyde said:


For Liberation this is sorta of like a a base building mission where you initially move a cargo crate to a location, deploy it, and then build something from it,

you try to capture these various points on the map that are being held by the enemy, at certain objectives there are pallets with different types of supplies, after you clear the objectives you

want to bring those pallets back to your base and put them in a storage, this will allow you to build more forces.

  Cool thing about Liberation is that you mainly play it in hosted MP and all your gameplay is persistently saved, so quit for a session of play, come back to the next day and the game will be where you left off.




An old mission that started back in Arma1, plays sorta of like Liberation but you can do alot of things, review the features list on the workshop page.

Lots of maps for it, you mainly play in hosted MP at least i do.


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