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My scenario called Silent Abdera has been finally released!

Out Now! Steam Workshop


But I have gotten comments on requesting saving.

I have disabled saving for the following reasons:


- Saving would remove a huge amount of fear and tension, which is the core of the scenario.

- The scenario has quite a lot of replayability value as it is impossible to discover everything there is in one go.

- It is meant to be more of experience, rather than just a hop and go mission. Think of it as a movie.


I have come to the conclusion that these reasons do not overweigh the amount of complaint about saving.

I have an idea in mind, but I have no idea if there is a way to implement it:


The horror and fear would remain the same if you could save, and load whenever you like.

But then if you die, then the saves would disappear and you cannot load.


Meaning that you have to basically save in a safe area,

and players couldn't just go iron man and just load whenever they die.



I'm using "playerKilledScript.sqs" script for a custom death:


titleCut ["", "BLACK FADED", 999];
1 fadeSound 0;
playmusic "death";
endMission "LOSER";


Perhaps if I could add a command that disables loading in this, it could work.

But I can't seem to find any related command.



Thanks in advance!

Feel free to give other suggestions for this.

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Hello !

Maybe you could try a workaround.

Like using playMission at the end of "playerKilledScript.sqs". -> Restart the mission immediately after the player is dead.


Also you could use : enableSaving and allow the player to save only when some conditions are met.


Hope it helps.

Have a nice day :)

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