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Alright You Want Ideas for mini dayz 2.0? I got it. Military tents.

More sturdy tents you have more room than civilian tents.

Easier to find tents on last island island.

You can access your companions inventory.

There is a seperate app for creating maps, mods for mini dayz 2.0.

Mini dayz 2.0 progress can be shared between devices.

Try and make it less lagy by de - spawning some floor items in players tent (s).

(Insert already revealed u pdates that i forgot)

You can repair select special cars on the streets like example the tanks for getting rid of that one camp of bandits that somehow has 24 members.

Graphics settings so we can lower graphics get better framerate.

Mix n match your custom car probaby not going to happen but lets tty it 

Armor for no scratches. gun turret for protect. grip wheel because wheel. Car upgrades bascly.

You can have a car that moves wreackage like from custom locations

Im sleep bye Sub to Pewds Dont Dm Me nudes especialy not dudes.

You want pyramids? We got it!

This game is still relivant god damn it!



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