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A-164 Wipeout before and after Jets DLC

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Note: I'm new to posting on the BI Forums and decided that because of the mass of replies to the Jets DLC Feedback thread and how old it is it may be best to create a new topic to get a more immediate response.


During the few hundred hours I've been flying, I've noticed that while the Wipeout's slow speeds give it a great loitering ability and gives the pilot plenty of time to hit multiple targets on the ground when diving, when coming out of a run, if you attempt to pitch up at around the ideal amount of degrees, for me 22 degrees, or attempt to turn, you will stall almost immediately.


From what I've heard from other people I play with who flew the Wipeout long before the Jets DLC came out, they've said that the wipeout was able to climb almost vertically when coming out of a run like actual A-10s are capable of doing in reality. One video I've been able to find of the Wipeout doing CAS before the Jets DLC is this one, posted below. 

The Wipeout is capable of gaining much more thrust, flying with flaps fully down and climbing and doing loops to turn around and engage a target the pilot missed without any issue of stalling. 


What I'm asking in this topic is if there's a possibility that the Wipeout's stats or what ever you may call it as I'm ignorant of the terms, can be potentially reverted back to its old state, or specifically, have an increased climbing ability or some method to stop or minimize stalling when coming out of a gun run.

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