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Problem:   Currently if you attach a unit to a vehicle via attachTo, that unit cannot rotate or shoot.  But if you attach a turret (mg, grenade launcher, mortar) to a vehicle, the unit CAN rotate and shoot.


Solution: A new mod that creates a Man Turret that allows a man class unit to turn and shoot.  This would be like the FFV turrets currently on vehicles, except without a vehicle.  We could then attach a man turret to any position on a vehicle or object and they would be able to shoot.  Ideally, the unit would be able transition from prone to crouch to standing while in this "turret".  Then this would be possible:

  • Attach defending shooters to Trawler object.
  • Attach a shooting rider to DBO Horse.
  • Attach shooters to top of any APC.
  • Etc.


Maybe this is simple for someone who mods vehicles.  You make an invisible vehicle model with a Man Turret at ground level.   You could base the Man Turret off of the turret position in an offroad that allows Turn Out (standing).  Or make a few different Man Turret vehicles:  One for sitting.  One for standing.  Allow 360 degrees rotation.


I'm a scripter, not a modder, so this is outside my skillset.  Any takers out there?

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