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LRG RHS Warlords Server

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[LRG] Last Resort Gaming || EU 1 || RHS Warlords || All Maps
Port: 2302

Required Mods Steam Collection
Optional Mods Steam Collection

Hi guys,

Coming off the back of the success of our Mod, LRG Fundamentals we're pleased to announce we've launched our Arma 3 RHS Warlords Public Server. Expanding on the Warlords Framework we've integrated RHS Factions as well as LRG Fundamentals to showcase some of the features we use week in, week out.


Some features include:

  • Persistent Credits (Saves your credits - Keep your progress!)
  • Revive
  • Earplugs
  • Flip Vehicles
  • Dynamic Weather
  • View Distance
  • Repack Mags
  • Compass HUD
  • Vehicle Crew List
  • Map Icons (QS Icons)
  • Channel Management
  • Custom Slot Selection on Joining and respawning
  • Respawn Tickets
  • Active Server Admin Team
  • RHS Factions (AFRF, USAF, GREF)
  • Vanilla Map Rotation (Currently over 10 custom missions across all 4 vanilla maps)


The Server officially launched this weekend and we're pleased to say the LRG Server went straight to the top of Community Made Warlords Servers on Gametracker, we're glad to see you guys like it!




LRG Discord Server
LRG Fundamentals BIS Page

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All, I'm pleased to announce that our Warlords Server now has persistent credits. What this means is your credits are saved so if you leave the server, they'll be added back to your balance when you rejoin the server. The credits are tied to you so as soon as you spawn in your credit balance will be applied. Think of it as King of Hill for Warlords. 🙌

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