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Problems with cam feed to a monitor in game

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I have been playing around with making a faux satellite/surveillance feed in a briefing room for players to watch. Everything works, but the picture is just terrible. I have tried adjusting my video settings(set everything to max) and adjusting settings in the script but I just cant seem to make the displayed video look any sharper.

I also tried setting it to thermal. First few seconds it looks great but then it grays out and becomes a big gray mess.


here is the code I am using  

I am calling this script from initplayerlocal.sqf.

[camlock_1,feed_1] execVM "scripts_client\sat_feed_1.sqf";

camlock_1 is invisble helo pad 

feed_1 is name of rugged large screen  "Land_TripodScreen_01_large_F"

params ["_pos","_target"];

private _campos =[(getpos _pos select 0),(getpos _pos select 1), +175];
//_pos2 = getpos camlock_1;
_cam = "camera" camcreate _campos;
_cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "satrtt"];

_cam camSetTarget obj_HVT;//camlock_1;
//_cam camSetDir [0,0,-60];
_cam camSetFov .4;
_cam camCommit 1;

_target setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(satrtt,1.77)"];

	if ((dayTime > 19 || dayTime < 4)) then
		"satrtt" setPiPEffect [1];
	} else
		"satrtt" setPiPEffect [0];

waituntil {obj_hvt getVariable "captured"};

_cam cameraEffect ["terminate", "back", "satrtt"];
camDestroy _cam;

 I have this in a mission that has been played on dedicated all the connecting players see the display but it just looks like crap.

Are there any changes I can make to make the display look better?


Also, why do players lose the video feed to the monitor when they use arsenal and is there anyway to prevent it?



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AFAIK, there's no way to increase the resolution/quality of the picture (maybe through modding, but not sure). That's something i spent a bit of time trying to figure out myself. 

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The camfeeds are fine, the issue of those weird black jagged lines is caused by HBAO ambient occlusion, setting AO to disabled or HDAO should resolve this.



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Thanks for the info, I will try it out and see how it looks

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 I was afraid that would be the answer. 



Your info on video settings made a big difference. i didn't realize what ambient occlusion was doing. The video feed looks much better. I wish the video feed looked as good as actually using a UAV but like beno_83au said I dont think it  is possible.

I will have to put something in the briefing telling connecting players how to set their video settings.  

If i get a chance I will post a video showing the difference in the video settings with AO, on or disabled, maybe it will help others with who encounter this problem

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