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When would command "forceEnd" be required?

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Can anyone explain when the use of forceEnd command would be required?  Does it have a use in A3 or has it become deprecated with BIS_fnc_endMission, BIS_fnc_endMissionServer and BIS_fnc_forceEnd (which oddly enough, doesn't use forceEnd command at all)?


The wiki description is rather fuzzy, saying it "sets the flag which tells engine that the mission end was forced", but no explanation of how the flag impacts mission ending.

Wiki shows it has local effect, but seems to do nothing in editor.  Placed in an "END#x" or "LOSE" trigger, it's the trigger type that seems to force the ending, not the command.  Remove the forceEnd command and mission still ends when condition is met.


I'd like to understand its proper use, if it has one.  Searching has not been enlightening this time around.

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