Update - I have since released this addon on Steam. Below is a link to the new discussion.   Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1947483966     =========================================================================   Hello all,        I've been working on a system for helo-casting and K-Casting (Kangaroo-Casting). Right now this exists as a few scripts.   My intent is to try to make this an addon which allows users to setup for helocasting and K-Casting via a checkbox in the Eden editor. For these tests, the helo is commanded by an AI. In theory this should be compatible with player pilots.   Here's video of some tests with the RHS UH-60 and the RHS CH-47:     Concept of Operation: Helo gets setup in Eden Helo flies a set of waypoints During the flight, a user in the helo can command to setup for the helocast Helo flies low and slow User commands the helocast Boat is dropped/pushed out Non-aircrew (players) are ejected from the helo (about 1 every 0.5 seconds) Helo resumes its last commanded flyInHeight and top speed   I use the vanilla "Assault Boat" for all of these operations at the moment. I've been testing this in SP and on dedicated server.   My plans as of right now: Allow users to configure which marking devices to attach the RHIB (right now I'm just using my multispectral strobe) User configurable movement speed and height (right now this is 8 km/h & 4 meters) One-click setup in Eden for supported helos Support for popular (appropriate) helos Command the helicopter to slow down without the huge pitch-up (I know this is built into the flight model; I'm hoping numerous, gradual changes to flyInHeight & limitSpeed help)   I'd be curious to hear people's input on the development of this; I've been surprised in the past how users wind up utilizing my addons in ways I never planned.   Also, if you have a favorite helo you'd like this to work with please post up. I can't promise to get to them all, but I'll get the most popular ones.   Thanks