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[USA] 9th Combined Ranger Battalion

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Looking for a realistic milsim? Tired of semi serious or OVERLY serious unit? Too much casual bs?

The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion is a fictional unit under the command of the renowned 75th Ranger Regiment. Founded by U.S. Army veterans with over 10 years of milsim experience, we strive to create an immersive and realistic Arma 3 experience while maintaining the highest possible level of entertainment for all members. Our hope is that you will enjoy the experience provided, and become an active member of our growing community.


Monday: Fire team Training (optional)

Tuesday: Fire team Training (optional)

Wednesday: BCT/ Side Operation ( required for Recruits)

Thursday: Fire team Training (optional)

Friday:Side Operation (optional)

Saturday: Main Campaign Operation (required)

Sunday: N/A

1. BLUF. 9th CRB Emphasizes:
Realism and Authenticity
Effective communication and Teamwork
Maturity and Professionalism
Strategy and Tactics
Fun and Satisfaction


The 75th Ranger Regiment is the U.S. Army's premier light infantry unit, with specialized skills that enable the Regiment to perform a variety of missions. These include direct action raids, airfield seizure, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, clandestine insertion, and site exploitation.

The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion places a strong emphasis on versatility and combat readiness under any circumstance. Like standard Ranger Battalions, 9th CRB establishes light infantry at its core. As a combined unit, however, several supporting elements are attached. These include Artillery, Aviation, Scouts, and Special Forces.


The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion will strive to provide its members with an entertaining, challenging, and memorable experience within a welcoming and professional environment. Members will be held to the highest of standards, though never to include unnecessary components. Operational realism is a key ingredient in milsim, but it shall never occur at the expense of having fun.


Main operations are hosted on Saturdays at 1700 PST. All operations begin with a detailed power point intel brief. This is followed by a multi-phase battle with unique objectives which, over several weeks, follows a dynamic and detailed story line. Attendance is mandatory, however, we understand and will make exceptions if you have an emergency, are going out of town, or simply need a break.

Side Operations are hosted on Wednesdays and Friday at 1700 PST. Attendance on these nights is optional, and operations/trainings are run by community members.

Fire team Training: Time is based off the schedules of your assigned fire team.

All of our events are scheduled on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

11B - Infantry
68W - Combat Medic (limited availability)
153A - Rotary Wing Pilot

AGE. 18+ mature adults ONLY
COMMUNICATION. Teamspeak and a microphone are required. We encourage members to be active on Discord and Teamspeak throughout the week.
ATTENDANCE. You must be able to consistently attend Saturday night operations.
MODS. You will be required to download our modpack.
DLC. Arma 3 DLC is not required.

Discord Server [discord.gg]
Teamspeak Server: ts77.gameservers.com:9140
Unit Modpack
Unit Resources [drive.google.com]
For an in-depth look at our unit, check out our Official SOP [drive.google.com]
Videos of our unit in action can be found here

NOTE: Discord is our primary means of communications outside of the game. If you are interested in joining our unit, please click the Discord link and make a post in the “welcome-center” channel.

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