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PvP Clan in the Arma series since 2003. We only hire the best. We only play PvP. We are =S.O.F= and we have the reputation of crushing our enemies. If you think you have the skills, you can apply. We do not require exclusive membership to =S.O.F=.




Arma 3

2019 to today

Reborn in the beginning of 2019, =S.O.F= has the objective of rebuilding it's past reputation. We participate in all TvT and PvP events we can find and train regularly to prove that we are the best at what we do.

Game modes we play : 
- Capture the Flag

- Sector control

- (Team) Deathmatch

- Capture & Hold

- KoTH (Not often because it's for campers lol)

- Advance & Secure
And a lot more...


Operation Flashpoint

2003 - 2010

We have spent many years spreading terror in Capture The Flag / Deathmatch etc ... 
Our fellow members will never be forgotten :


=S.O.F=  »Dio«™

=S.O.F= DimanOFP™

=S.O.F= SpecOp


=S.O.F= GeeZeR

=S.O.F= Pavel™


=S.O.F= † §. †

And many more ❤️



Unit page : https://units.arma3.com/unit/sof-ofp

Discord : https://discord.gg/8hGseNt




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