Hi all, I'm trying to script some plain ellipse markers in 3den I have my own module for that. If I use the  createMarker command, everything goes well but these markers vanished at preview. Normal. But when I come back to 3den, the markers are no more present. I don't want that.   So, I'm trying to use create3denEntity. that means to know what the cfgMarkers class is: _mk = create3DENEntity ["markers", "class", position] The problem is that all available cfgMarkers classes seem to be for iconed markers but not area ones. I tried "system", "ellipse", "", "empty"...   Only empty is a defined class, so it's works... for an empty marker. Then I added lines like:     _mk set3DENAttribute ["itemClass","ellipse"];
    _mk set3DENAttribute ["markerType",1];
    _mk set3DENAttribute ["brush","solid"]; Nothing works. The marker remains "empty".   Any idea to add a solid area marker by create3denEntity ? Thanks