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[EU/NA] EllmanOps | Public Missions

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What is EllmanOps:

EllmanOps is a place where anyone can come play Arma 3 missions, the group is not a clan nor a unit

so it will generally not go against milsim unit guidelines.

There is no applications or unecessary hassle and all missions are hosted in a relaxed and casual environment.


How to join a Operation:

  1. Head over to the Website.
  2. Join the Website/Make a account.
  3. Download the mods (Found under the Information menu tab)
  4. Go over to the Calendar and signup for your desired role.
  5. Show up to the Operation and play.



Missions are hosted twice a week.

  • Thursday 20:00 GMT (3pm EST)
  • Saturday 22:00 GMT (5pm EST)



The mods used are typical milsim ones, such as ACE3 & TFAR + others to create a great experience.

If you show up early then there will be assistance with mods and keys.


Current missions theme:

The current mission theme is "Vietnam".




Steam Group


TS3 direct join

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