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DMS Custom Loot generator Script [HELP!!]

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guys, i tried to find help in exile mod forums but people there dont seem to be as much active as you guys are here. Im posting here to find some help cuz im stuck with this problem for more than a week. here it is:

So guys, ive made a custom loot generator for DMS boxes. it runs great on arma 3 editor, but after a weak trying to make it generate loot for DMS boxes i gave up and came here. The thing is, i saw on DMS's fn_fillCrate.sqf script that i can create a custom function and make it spawn the loot for me.

But the comments from Defent were not very clear, where should i put my script for dms to read?
should i declare it in DMS's config.cpp like its vanila functions? how should i parse the function name in the _crate_loot_values1 variable? a string? 
is there a pattern for me to create my custom file for my function?

Any captain out there to help me with this? 
I REALLY NEED HELP! ive made the hard part to program how i want the loot to be generated, i know how should i return my function to DMS's accepted pattern. I just dont know where should i put my function, and how DMS is expecting me to call it.

DMS's instructions:

For example, _weapons could simply be a number, in which case the given number of weapons are selected from "DMS_boxWeapons",
	or an array as [_wepCount,_weps], where _wepCount is the number of weapons, and _weps is an array of weapons from which the guns are randomly selected.

		In this case, "_customLootFunctionParams" is passed to "_customLootFunction", and the custom loot function must return the loot in the form:

this DMS instructions are located in a3_dms/scripts/fn_fillCrate.sqf

ive tried to insert my function like the vanilla functions of DMS in the folder "/scripts" but i got no success, the missions wont spawn 😕
DMS error log says the mission spawned successfully with no errors (but it didnt)

thank you guys!

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