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The bugs are killing me

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Please for the love of god the amount of bugs are killing the game for me. Literally just a few minutes again me and my girlfriend were playing as a two man squad. We were trying to get the airdrop (we had to find out the hard way that two people can’t open the same crate for some reason, both people have to individually open the crate) only to then get jumped by some rando who killed my gf. Wasting his entire magazine into my gf, I had a perfect shot on him with my M16......only to find that my gun miraculously wouldn’t shoot. The first time I take out my only M16 and I suddenly cannot fire the weapon (the red box that tells you that your gun is pointed at an object perpetually appearing over the reticule) I loot both crates out of the supply drop and try to run for it, but ofc I get head shotted as soon as I leave cover. I lose both crates, my only M16, loads of ammo and other goodies, and through literally no fault of my own. Just a tad bit frustrating.

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