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Arma 3 controller install and setup for recording videos.

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As of 2019 windows 10 supports ps4 controllers on PC. I tried it and it seems to work ok. Before this I have used a Xbox 360 controller. I can use both controllers to move with the soldier in game but my real goal is to use the controller for smooth shoots in both the splendid camera and GCam. This however seems harder.. I have tried to map the controller to the camera option using the analog sticks to move around. The strange thing is that I can only get it to work in the editor mode when flying around and placing units, and I haven’t chosen the Zeus button lay out.

I would appreciate any thoughts, earlier experience or if you know the correct way to set it up! It doesn’t matter which controller i get it to work with.


I get a error in splendid camera when i,m mapping the "splendid camera" keys.  pic

If someone understand the error it would be nice to know what to do about it!


Edit 1: I can get it to work perfekt in the eden editor. There i can fly around with the camera as much as i want. 



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