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AI won't respond to commands

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I recently started playing arma 3 again, and after getting into a co-op mission in MP, I noticed that I can only issue one command to the AI. I looked it up, and found nothing for my specific problem.  Apparently the commands only issue after alt-tabbing out of the game. Almost as if they are delayed. I am playing without mods. I tried a clean install. No fix yet. When I issue commands, the radio doesn't turn on, and the subtitles don't appear, despite the fact that subtitles are on.

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I had this problem as well in the past with my AI squad mates. Some suggestions:

- Don't command everyone to move forward under fire while you stay behind

- Make sure your squad mates are well paid, especially in specops missions

- Make sure you have a beer with your squad mates once in while after a mission so you're not just the 'bossing everyone around all the time' guy 

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