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[MP][COOP 1-10] State of Chaos [Ravage Edition]

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You asked for it, and here it is! State of Chaos has been reworked to be fully integrated with Ravage Mod.


The Island of Malden has been overwhelmed by an unknown plague, turning the local populace into mindless killing machines. Local military forces were quickly overwhelmed, leaving only a handful of survivors behind. As one of those survivors, you must quickly scavenge for resources, secure a base, and begin to clear out the island. But be careful: this is a fight for survival, and you never know who you will run into on a scavenging run. 

-Custom base system allows for several different custom bases around the map to be claimed
-Each base features several types of facilities that can be built, including farms, workshops, and storage units
-Globally defined food and scraps - work with your team to collect more food and scraps. Food allows you to capture new bases, while scraps allow you to build new facilities. Farms produce food, and workshops provide scrap every day.
-Custom hunter system - watch your back in the field! You may find that you aren't the only hunter in the field.
-Custom horde system - Be careful about how quickly you grow - you may find your base targeted by a horde. Hordes scale based on the number of players in the game. 
-Custom recycle bins - have too many items or weapons? Place them in a recycling bin located at each base to get some scrap back from them!
-Dynamically spawned loot - loot spawns all over the map as you travel around. The type of loot that spawns changes based on building type. Civilian buildings have limited loot, while military bases have significantly better weapons and optics. 
-Random vehicle spawns - vehicles spawn all over the map, and some will require massive repairs.
....and much more! 

Food and Scrap System Overview:
Currently, your team starts off with a total of 25 food, and 25 scrap. Food is used to claim new bases, while scrap is used to build facilities. There are two ways to get food:building small or large farms, or claiming random supply crates that spawn around the map. Scrap can be gained by building workshops, or by bringing any sort of inventory item to the recycling bin in your base. At the end of each day, the total amount of food and scrap you produce from your farms and workshops will be added to your balance. 

Claiming Bases:
To claim a base, drive up to a marker on the map. At that location, there will be a flagpole that you can interact with. Claim the base, and then look around. There will be a laptop or tablet on a table outside that allows you to construct facility plot poles. Once these poles are placed, you can build facilities at them.


This mission is my take on a PvE game mode that I'd like to continue to grow and work on. The goal if this is to work together, not against. I may eventually make a PvP version, but currently I'm going to focus on this. There will be bugs! Please report them below, and I'll do my best to fix them. 

Planned Features: 
-Recycling vehicles for scrap
-More AI Missions 
-Production of weapons and ammo at small workshops
-Production of base items at large workshops (No idea if this is possible).
-Dialogs (GUI) for better base interaction
-More base facilities
-Server persistence
- and whatever else i can come up with!

Please, feel free to request features below!


Finally, if you'd like to collaborate on this, shoot me a message, or leave a response below. I'm currently working alone, and would love some help!




Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1649084632


Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PrE26tGB273tVYnjWETWTd369ucY7mi0



Finally, i'm running a dedicated server with this mission on it for a limited time. If you'd like to join, just let me know!

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We have also a Ravage Forum , that you can add your announcements and work as well !


Read our topics , be part of the Forum !

Thanks !

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@Wei Zhao I've only made it on Malden for the moment. In the future I intend to expand it, but at this very moment, I'm taking a break from development to tend to other aspects of my life

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Version 2 of State of Chaos has been released! New features include:

-Test version of server persistence. You can now save your mission progress and reload at your desire. This was achieved with GRAD Persistence. Read more about it here

-First version of base building has been implemented, this will allow you to pick up and buy many types of fortifications, such as sandbags, H-barriers, etc. 

-New money system has been added, with each player's money being individually tracked.

-New store has been added to the trader depot. Interact with the crate at the top of the stairs using ACE Interaction, and you will see weapons, grenades, ammo, and a few vehicles for sale (still a WIP). 

-Multiple bugs have been fixed in the scripts


To Do:

-I will be redoing the base building system to allow players to build their base anywhere on the map, instead of them simply being placed statically. 

-I'm investigating the possibility of switching everything from being globally defined to individually, or rather, making this be a potentially individual mode, instead of a forced co-op for everyone on the server.


Thanks, and I hoe you all enjoy! 

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Great scenario, having a blast 👍

Couple of questions, maybe we are missing something blatantly obvious hehe.


-First version of base building has been implemented, this will allow you to pick up and buy many types of fortifications, such as sandbags, H-barriers, etc. 

->We can not find anywhere to buy or use the fortifications?


-New money system has been added, with each player's money being individually tracked.

->I see the money on hand with ace self interact, but where or how do you make more?



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