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Hi everyone,


I found this topic


And in it there is a code given by Larrow :


//Start custom loading screen aswell
[] spawn {
	[ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen;
	uiSleep 20;
	[ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen;

waitUntil {
	//If there are no current loading screens
	if ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] isEqualTo [] ) then {
		//Otherwise log current loading screens to RPT
		diag_log str ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] );

_loadedTime = time;

uiSleep 1;

hint format[ "Finished loaded %1 seconds ago", time - _loadedTime ];

It works fine but the problem is that with the function BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen my loading screen doesn't appears and if i use the command startLoadingScreen it appears.

But i need to use the function for the following waitUntil.


So :


startLoadingScreen ["", "begin_dialog"]; Works fine but can't use with the waitUntil.


["begin_dialog"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; Doesn't works!


Can anyone help me?

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