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DayZ and it's impact in ArmA

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I would like to open this topic to ask out of curiosity how drastic was the impact of the DayZ mod and its Standalone game in the ArmA series development and player base growth. Specifically how it brought new players as a consequence increasing the sales of the ArmA series and also the overall community size. This was because DayZ back in the day was an insane success, was like a fever, and everyone wanted to play it, which meant that people needed to have ArmA 2 (I myself learned of the series from DayZ videos). This most likely was what make ArmA's community grow the most, bringing a LOT more resources for Bohemia to invest further in the series development and make the rather insane evolution that they did with ArmA 3 from ArmA 2.


As such would like to open a discussion: How much this increase in sales did positively impact the development and success of ArmA 3?


And based on this massive increase to the overall community that the DayZ brought, what kind of lovely surprises may we expect from Bohemia for ArmA 4? (I myself have a LOT of personal suggestions that I believe would be great to have in the next game)

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Just now, LuizBarros99 said:

(I myself have a LOT of personal suggestions that I believe would be great to have in the next game)

Just so I can clarify my suggestions (however IDK if this is the correct section to do so though) are mostly related to realism of vehicles and ordnance. To be precise I would suggest a damage modeling for vehicles similar to the one used by a game called "War Thunder", which is the most detailed damage modeling I have seen up to this point. Also I would suggest to have more precisely modeled armor and armor penetration on vehicles.


Also effects of destroyed modules should be more accurately portrayed: A destroyed gun should only be either unable to fire, have less accuracy, or even explode if fired. (Explosion and inability to fire should be in case of damage to the gun breech, and lesser accuracy damage to gun barrel) Also crew should be knocked out by penetrating projectiles and subsequent shrapnel effect. Ammo should be modeled, and detonate if destroyed. (except if it is contained in a protected ammo rack like how most NATO tanks have in their turret and some times also in the rear portion of the hull's fighting compartment) And fuel should also catch fire if directly hit. (tanks usually had measures of fighting fires, so this fire would be able to be put out)


And most importantly: Mostly be DONE with overall HP system for vehicle destruction. Someone repeatedly shooting frontally like an external track or roof mounted MG turret with APFSDS should not be able to make a 60 ton tank spontaneously explode.


However aircraft are pretty decently modeled, only mostly needing slight improvements such as removal of the "overall vehicle HP" and maybe some other refinements.

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