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Mission Editing


Information :

Feel free to share and discuss , about Mission Editing.

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Mission Edit tutorial :





Some scripting Tips :




Arma 3 & RavageMod Scripts

1. Ravage Trader Scripts. . [this, "STAND", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_arms_s", true];
2. Arms Trader. this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_arms_s", true];
3. Supply Trader. this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_supplies_s", true];
4. Gear Trader. this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_gear_s", true];

How to make a Bandit Camp using a Trigger
1. Use in a Trigger copy the script into Trigger Fields
2. Condition- (vehicle player) in thislist;
3. On Activation- _nul = [thistrigger] spawn rvg_fnc_spawnBanditCamp;

Random Starting Gear
1. In PLayer/unit Initil type. 0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip; this addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this spawn RVG_fnc_Fired}];

1. Kill Trigger script. [example] set unit variable name as Hostile1. trigger condition type !alive guard1. for multiple type !alive guard1 && !alive guard2. used to end scenario/mission. set trigger type as End1/Blufor/Present.

How to create a Task
1. place a unit set as player.
2. place down a create task module and place down a task state module
3. place down a trigger set as Blufor/player/present/ set timer if needed. set trigger size as fit.
4. set create task owner as blufor or synced unit and or playable units. set task Id as task1 choose a title that fits task same with description set state as assigned set task type as defualt or choosewhat fits.
5. set task state module state as suceded checkmark show notification.
6. sync create task module to set task state module sync set task state module to trigger and sync player to create task only if create task is set to syncronized units/group.

How to create IED Trigger
1. Place down a explosive. 2. Under variable name type IED1 then place down a trigger and set a parimeter around IED/Explosive. 3.Set Type as None set Activation as Anyplayer or Anyone then set Activation type as Present. 4.In Trigger Condition type- IED1 setDamage 100;
Creating a Multiplayer Respawn Point utilizing Respawn Tents in RavageMod.
1. Create a marker named respawn_west at your HQ/start point.
2. Then add this to your Description.ext. respawn = 3; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnDelay = 1; respawnOnStart = 0;

How to set up support modules for missions
Place a support requester module and synchronize it to each unit you wish to give support functions to. Place the support provider modules you wish to include in your mission and synchronize them to the Support requester module. Place the units to be used by the support providers and synchronize them to the support providers. (multiple groups can be synchronize to the same support provider modules and selected through the support menu) To access the support menu ingame press the 0 key on the keyboard twice and select the desired support provider. If multiple groups were synchronized to the support provider module than you will be able to select between them after selecting the support option)

How to create a Helicopter Supply Drop
1. Create a Playable Unit.
2. Create a Support Request Module and place on map.
3. In supply drop Module Limit Window enter number of Supply drops wanted/needed.
4. Under supports modules choose and create a supply drop Module
5. Create a unit/Helicopter to be used for supply drop.
6. Sync your player/unit with support Request module and sync support request Module to Support Provider/Supply drop module then synce the supply drop module to Helicopter.
7. While in game use the map to select supply drop option and location.
8. Virtual Supply drop is a option to prevent helicopter from being shot down.
9. Optional script to have smoke grenade deployed during supply drop. In Crate Init type. Signal = "SmokeShellYellow" createVehicle position _this; this allowDamage false;

Random Patrol Script Setup
1. Create and place down a Trigger.
2. In trigger Leave type as None and Set activation to your prefered method.
3. in the Trigger On Activation section type. grp = [position player, west, (CONFIG ENTRY)] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; [grp, position leader grp, 50] call bis_fnc_taskpatrol;

Surrender Script
1. Place a group under variable name type. Enemysquad1.
2. In Condition. ({alive _x} count units EnemySquad1) < 2
3. In Activation. { _x setCaptive true; _x action ["Surrender", _x] } forEach units EnemySquad1;
For use with factions.
1. Condition. ({alive _x} count units csat) < 3
2. Activation. {
_x setCaptive true;
_x action ["Surrender", _x]
} forEach units csat;

How to make enemy follow Player.
1. First give the chopper a name like, myhelo then give the player a name like player

2. In the condition of the trigger put this
player in thislist;
That will make the trigger activate when the player walks into it.

3. In the OnAct of the trigger put what Wolle posted:
myhelo move getPos player; myhelo setCombatMode "RED"

How to make a Hint with a trigger.
1. Place down a trigger
2. set trigger activation method.
3. in activation field type this. titleText ["Tighten that bolt soldier!", "PLAIN DOWN", 1];

How to get paid for killing zombies.
1. Place down the Ambient Zombie Module
2. Open the Ambient Zombie Module and paste this in the Killed Event Handler Section. (player addItemToUniform "rvg_money";) this will add a banknote to the player inventory everytime a zombie is killed.

How to make zombies drop Items.
1. Paste this script into your mission Init.sqf. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",
params ["_killed", "_killer"];
if (_killed isKindOf "CAManBase"
) then
//systemChat format ["+$ 1 0 0"];
["+$100","align = 'center' size = '1' font='PuristaBold'","#00FF00"]
]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2;
_unit = _this select 0;
_uniform = uniformContainer _unit;
//_uniform addItemCargoGlobal ["herl_o_Money_100", 1];
_wh = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (getpos _unit);
_wh addItemCargoGlobal [
// Ravage_items
]call BIS_fnc_selectRandom


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