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Some remarks (bug) / suggestions

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Good morning!


I have tried the game yesterday, for the first time, so with a fresh point of view.

I have some remarks to give that can be usefull:
1) a bug with the bag slung while traveling. (untimely movements of the bag). The same type of bug with the character, when it is too close to an obstacle (car, for example)
2) Useless shots against the opponent (quite random). Maybe a server problem, as I am in Russia.


Some ideas for the future, not necessarily all to take:
1) Propose a choice of view first / third person.
2) Propose a cover system
3) Add "life" to the world maps. (animals, png civil) to mislead the player.
4) add random events (helicopter passage, fighter jet, acid rain, aid convoy / military or other) to put the player in an atmosphere of continuous fear.
5) why not add bombs to disarm in order to recive components. (by implementing a system of realization, with explosion if the action is a failure)
6) To be able to place explosives (on doors, for example)
7) maybe add a PVE mode (a zone guarded by the army, for example).


I will come back to post some remarks at my next session if it can be helpful. I think this game has real potential, and I will keep an eye on it. Thank you for your job.


Good day, and especially good luck for the future.:f:



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i loooove the game , BUT !

- what is this exit grøntheim valley ?! 3 lader where you are very vunerable and a jump !? I mean wtf good luck with that when you got the air drop !

- weapon are jaming , for real

- i have 15 air drop and there was twice the same riffle and twice the same glove... that s not rewarding

- all those knives for what ?! Loosing my time on air drop ? Farm even more on a farming game ?

- ressources are not well balance. Lile chimicals you need a lot and it s a hell to find

- be level 32 to have shelter level VIII ... we got to farm chemicals, fertilizers, wires for months ! 

I ve fot tones of nails and metal scraps from air drop but four the rest... it s too much farming you ll loose player over because of this. Plus the fact that you ll probably never get an ak plan in those air drop 

anyway keep working, i ll keep playing so see what you can change



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