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Loading/Overview picture?

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Noob question but I'm having difficulty adding one. I tried pasting the entire path, just the file name, the filename plus the extension, .jpg and .paa, and so on. Every time it says it cannot find my picture. I've also tried putting the picture in the folder itself, inside a mpmissions/pictures folder, and a few other things I've forgotten. What exactly is the folder setup it should have and do I have to export it to see it or should clicking Play Singleplayer just show it? What exactly do I need to type in the box?

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Your loading screen image needs to go in your mission folder which is usually located in Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profile\your profile name\missions\your mission name.mapname


In here should be your mission.sqm


Create a description.ext (this video is quite old but it still applies): 



Then place your image in this folder, or make a sub-folder within your mission folder and change the "loadScreen = picture.jpg" to "loadScreen = imgFolder\picture.jpg".

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