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Hey guys,


I am thinking of changing some tank reload sounds for use with my group. I am considering changing some of the default reload sounds of the round being loaded to a couple different ones. Only thing is, I'd like it to be kind of random across several different sounds.

I already figured I would need to make a small mod out of it that would override the files that tanks use (in this case I believe it's default vanilla tank reload sfx). I think I would be able to override the sound itself, but I would like to have a few variants of the reload sfx which would be chosen and played at random.


Is it possible to script in any way? I will be thankful for any guidance in this regard.




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Hey mate,


what you're after could be achieved with semi-advanced scripting and CustomSoundControllers - I've been thinking about this as well recently.


Take a look at this thread, it's described in the first post:


...combine CustomSoundControllers with the "playTrigger" attribute of SoundSets and a script that changes the CustomSoundController's value accordingly and you got what you want.

It is NOT possible via the default reloadMagazineSound (or smth like that) in the configs.

If you don't want to dig into the whole soundShader/soundSet topic, another idea would be to simply use the playSound command in the script.




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