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SeaSide Roleplay Hosted By All Around Gaming

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Hello Everyone.

My names Brian and i'm the Community Director for All Around Gaming and we are starting up a new modded life server on a custom map called SeaSide. The SeaSide map is based off of the source files of Kelleysisland. The map has been completely redone to fit the community needs. We have many features which have all been made by our founder such as:


911 Reporting System

Police Computer

    - Running names for warrants, etc

    - Checking license plates

    - Dispatch system

    - Custom usernames and password

EMS Menu

     - Lists all EMS requested

     - Dispatch

Fire Fighting

Physical Mining

Physical Sand Mine

License Plate Customization

Debit Cards

Car Insurance

Bus Stops

Cop Sit/Stand

Virtual/Physical Inv GUI

Repairing Map Objects

Home Alarm Systems

Setting Custom Names for other players

Furniture System

Growing/Planting (Marijuana)

Custom Bank Robbery

And lots more.

Website: http://aagaming.ca/

Discord: https://discord.gg/WfYTyJK

TS3: TS3.AAGaming.ca

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XfjxvBq

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