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[BETA] Clutter tweaking GUI

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  • Demo all clutter compositions of the currently loaded terrains
  • Select as basis from all clutter compositions of the currently loaded terrains
  • Tweak your clutter composition individually
  • Live preview of your current setup
  • Select from all available clutter models with 3d preview used by other currently loaded terrains (toggle the desired box to apply)
  • Adjust the clutter grid (distance between each), the clutter distance (radius around the player) (applies to this preview and the dynamic spawning) - be careful with too dense or too many objects
  • Adjust the clutter probability 
  • Logs the current clutter stats to rpt
  • Exports the current clutter composition to clipboard (to embedded in your config)
  • Preview your current clutter composition with dynamic clutter spawning (and despawning) to replicate engine clutter as close as possible (run around and have clutter "move with you")


Note: scale cannot be adjust




Possible future changes:


  • As mod to be usable on any terrain easily (and dynamic removal of engine generated clutter)
  • Try to speed up the clutter generation (seems to come mostly from createSimpleObject though - in other words not sure if can be improved)
  • Try to fix the height/floating of some clutter
  • Try to fix the 3d preview of clutter models working for all/all the time
  • Interface optimizations (key shortcuts, mouse wheel use for sliders, hint/warning system)
  • Try to replicate the "random placement" exactly as the engine does (based on bit shifting which cannot be replicated in SQF - maybe some algorithm/approach with very similar results possible though)







  • T_D
  • mikero
  • M242







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Oh boy, that's awesome.


I've been tinkering with the idea of making "clutter addons" for various terrains, mostly to address that old popping issue (clutter switching LODs right in front of you).

This might just kick that project back to life, thanks @.kju!

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Yep this looks like a godsend.


Are we required to run the arma3diag_x64.exe on Dev Branch, or can this be run on Stable Branch?


Nvm, works fine on Stable Branch. 

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