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Addon Builder + accents in filename ?

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I have an addon which i made years ago with addon builder 

in this addon , there is an image with an accent in its name, let's say "ééé.paa"

I never had any problem before when building that. 

But recently i bought a new HDD (the old one died), reinstalled everything 

And since, when I build this addon with Addon Builder, this specific file isn't in the generated pbo.

I have an error in my logs saying something like "~^d&lm.paa" not found 


When I give the same folder to my friends, they don"t have the problem with Addon Builder.

So is there a config somewhere, or a parameter to edit, to deal with accents in filenames ?


PS : I know that it's a bad practice to put an accent in a filename, but this file is used everywhere in other pbos / scripts so i can't easily change that 

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You could try packing with different tools. Mikeros tools or armake.

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