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COOP 30 Carrier Ops Day 3




- Overview - 
CSAT have moved into the region.Its our job to clear them out.Ground forces with integrated Air support to Air-Assault into five Objective Areas. 

- Factions - 
- U.S Vs CSAT. 

- Features - 
- Dynamic loadouts for aircraft. 
- Custom Base / Group Respawn. 
- Recruit Ai Team Members. 
- Group Leaders In command of AI will use Group Respawn untill no AI are left then respawn reverts to Base. 
- Increase or Decrease your viewdistance and Terrain Detail During Mission. 
- Vehicles Respawn. 
- Sling loading. 
- Customisable Weather and Time of day Params at start of mission. 

- Assets Available - 
- CH-67 Huron.

- UCAV Sentinel. 
- F/A-181 Blackwasp II. 
- Hunter MRAP. 
- Growler light vehicle. 
- Quadbike. 

- Intel - 
- Estimated Enemy Strength is Strong.Heavy machine gun emplacements and Infantry units patrolling the areas. 

- Objectives - 
- 5 Objective Area's to Neutralize. 

- Credits - 
- Mission By ANZACSAS Steve. 
- Team Leader Group Respawn script (1.0) by Mongoose_84 for Arma 1,developed into Group respawn scripts by theOden Arma 2, Edited for Arma3 by ANZACSAS Steve with help from GEORGE FLOROS GR. 
- Recruit AI Scripts/UI by Bon_Inf*Redux -- by Moser. 
- GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.341 made by Grumpy Old Man 17-5-20172. 
- Dynamic Gfx settings scripts by Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine. 
- Crate filler v2.12 script by KC Grimes. 

All feedback welcome.:) 
Have Fun. 









v1.1 -

Fixed Audio glitch from sound trigger.
removed the AA tank objective.
Removed 1 destroyer / uss liberty. 
Optimising.Runs smoother.Audio glitch was causing FPS loss...


v1.2 - 


Fixed launch sequence.

changed vehicles to Green camo.

Edited gear/weapons for players.

moved some ammo and fuel cargo to allow for easier heli landings on USS Liberty.


v1.3 Optimised



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Ahh cool, good to hear.


Gonna give it a try.


Thank you.

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I'm experiencing a lot of intermittent freezes while playing which eventually leads to the game hanging then crashing.


I normally run xeno's Domination and have no problem running it or any of the stock Arma 3 missions.


I tried playing it as singleplayer with same results.

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