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Asaayu's Custom Cover Mod

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Asaayu's Custom Cover
Asaayu's Custom Cover is a mod that allows player to create personalized cover with a predefined list of models that can be placed by players while in a mission.
This mod uses 'credits' which are gained / lost through the creation and deconstruction of objects stopping players from creating an immense amount of objects. This mod also creates object as simple objects to allow alot of objects without a large effect on server and player performance.

Server admins and mission creators can add the following to their description.ext to customize the items and credit amounts for their mission. Each line includes a comment explaining the use case of that variable.

class CfgCustomCover
 startCredits = 15;
 //== Number of credits per player when they join the mission

 items[] = {{"Land_BagFence_End_F",1},{"Land_BagFence_Corner_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_Long_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_Round_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_Short_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_01_end_green_F",1},{"Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F",2},{"Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F",4},{"Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F",2},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_half_F",5},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_F",10},{"Land_SandbagBarricade_01_hole_F",9},{"Land_Plank_01_4m_F",1}};
 //== Use an array with the item & the credit cost eg. {"item_className",3}

 allowPlacedItemPickup = 1;
 //== 1- Any object placed in the mission and is in the list can be collected for credits
 //== 0 - Only player placed items can be collected for credits

More info about the mod an to contact me have a look at the Steam Workshop item.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or have found a bug.

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Congratulation for the release Asaayu !

This is a really nice idea !

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I love this script, and I thought you might want to know I feature it in all of the missions running on my server.

I was wondering, does the script remove objects left by players on disconnect? And also, can JIP players see/ teardown objects placed by others before they joined?

Also, I need a way to add "credits" to a player either as a reward for completing objectives, or to be purchased with other currency like Warlords CP for example; is this a possibility?

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The script does not remove items placed by players when they disconnect.
JIP should be able to tear down objects previously placed.

The script uses the variable "customCover_credits", you can add/remove from that number to change the number of credits for each player.

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