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[WARLORD MP 5 vs 5] - CUP - CHERNARUS in winter

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Hi all,
Here is a new WARLORD ,CUP oriented scenario, if you love Chernarus in winter!
You can play in MP only but this scenario is fine on solo MP (but hard).
You need all CUP mods (+CBA).
Recommended addons:
Enhanced movements, JSRS sound mod (with some limitations on CUP assets)
MGI Tactical pack (for beginners).

As usual now, there are plenty of mission parameters, coming from Warlord or added for:
- All AIs in a played leader group can heal and be healed/revived by player or Ais.
- you can opt for civilian life , and opt for human bombers also (enemy for reds/blues).
- you can opt for weapon loots in houses.
- you can mark unconscious and/or dead units.

There are some enemy areas, all the map. So be cautious when you plan a path to next sector.

Have fun!


on Steam:




Pbo for servers:




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Corrected the MP behavior on the 9 electric generators to switch on/off the lights and houses on Chernarus main districts.

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Removed the MP limitation. Thanks to Jezuro, the Warlord runs in SP now. Added some vehicles and automatic saves just after a sector seized. (Things seem to roll so far, reloading at autosave).

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