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Custom uniform model, but weapons and gear invisible (Solved)

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Hello people I have dire need of help with identifying the source to a problem. Pic related:



Ignore the missing head and texture, they have simply not been added yet. The problem is the invisible gear, like vest and weapon's. I suspect that it has something to do with the model it self, and that some thing has to be done in Object Builder.

The guide's and tutorial's that I have found are ofte incomplete, utdated, or just not touching on the subject of uniforms. Many are sadly also very difficult to understand. I am sadly quite new to modeling in 3d (blender) and I fear that have missed something important during the prosess. Posting config's just in case they are the source of the problem.


Model config


class CfgSkeletons
    class Default
        isDiscrete = 1;
        skeletonInherit = "";
        skeletonBones[] = {};
    class OFP2_ManSkeleton
        isDiscrete = 0;
        skeletonInherit = "";
        skeletonBones[] =
            //Head skeleton in hierarchy
            //New facial features
            //Left upper side
            //Right upper side
            //Left lower side
            //Right lower side
        // location of pivot points (local axes) for hierarchical animation

class CfgModels
    class Default
        sections[] = {};
        skeletonName = "";
    class ArmaMan : Default
        htMin = 60;        // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds)
        htMax = 1800;        // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds)
        afMax = 30;        // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius)
        mfMax = 0;        // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius)
        mFact = 1;        // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)).
        tBody = 37;        // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius)

        sections[] =
        skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton";
    class byz_uniform_M1: ArmaMan{};




    class CfgPatches
    class byz_uniform_M1_v3
        version = "1.1.3";
        units[] = {};
        weapons[] = {};
        requiredVersion = "1.1.3";
        requiredAddons[] = {};
class CfgVehicles

        class B_Soldier_base_F;
        class byz_uniform_M1: B_Soldier_base_F
        scope = 2;
        author = "RatLaMorte";
        dlc = "";
        model = "\byz_arms\clothing\byz_uniform_M1.p3d";
        hiddenSelections[] = {"camo","insignia"};
        hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\byz_arms\clothing\byz_uniform_M1\byz_clib_bdu_co.paa"};


class cfgWeapons
  class UniformItem;
    class Uniform_Base;

    class byz_uniform_M1: Uniform_Base
        scope = 2;
        author = "RatLaMorte";
        dlc = "";
        displayName = "Byz_M1";
        picture = "-";
        model = "byz_arms\clothing\byz_uniform_M1";
        class ItemInfo: UniformItem
            uniformModel = "-";
            uniformClass = "byz_uniform_M1";
            containerClass = "Supply40";
            mass = 1;
            allowedSlots[] = {"701","801","901"};
            armor = 0;


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Change the name of the uniform class to something different, as both of them, the character and the uniform have the same name and are possibly conflicting with each other. 

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Well, there were a conflict between the class names as you mentioned, and while it solved a double entry conflict I had, it ufortunatly did solve it. Maybe it's a problem with the skeleton or vertex groups, who knows.


Thank's either way.

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Turns out it was the vertex groups, and a lack of proxy meshes that was the cause. Learned that they also govern's stuff like insignia, camo (hidden selections). 

For thoose that wonder the proxy meshes are the weird triangels that show up when you import the Character_eksample p3d file. They are important. Not knowing what it was I ended up deleting them. :face_palm:


During my attempt to find out this, I created this thicc boy:


Worth It.

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