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Inside vehicle status "Damaged" missed, Devs please try add this support

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Hi Devs, Happy holidays and good achievements in 2019!


The life cycle of Arma3 is in its later stages, but it seems to me that improving the game will be relevant for a long time.

I have a small request (I hope some users will support me) -

Please add the status "Damaged" near with the status "Injured" in the player's command menu. This status is missed, and this fact looks at least strange.

When player inside vehicle and this vehicle damaged, as seems to me, you can force work this the same way as with the medic, if within a player squad exist engineer or repair specialist. Such a feature could make a singleplayer gameplay in vehicles more interesting and natural within a Arma games, since it already exists with medics support.


More accurately:

When player press the key 5, the player sees only:


1.Call support

2.Fuel low

3.Ammo low


5.Where are you?

6.I am under fire

7.One less



Thus a player can not call a repair specialist from his own squad and can not report about self damages.

In the action menu, there is "call Support" status, but it is a useless item, because support-waypoints with repair is not works.  


If there is an additional and working item "Damaged" then it will naturally,


1.Call support

2.Fuel low

3.Ammo low



6.Where are you?

7.I am under fire

8.One less



because this must work for the AI and for the player, just as it does for medicine support.

As seems to me, the player must be able to call a repair support.

With Damaged status:
а) the subordinates (repair specialist/engineer) of player  should start repair immidiately

b) the AI-Commander of any squad, should order the subordinate repair specialist/engineer (if they exist in the this squad),  to repair the damaged vehicle


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