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Special Mission Unit Hangar Template

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OK so I got a little bug in my head today where I wanted to go and make some adjustments to a few things I had used long ago. So I went and downloaded all the Massi faction stuff for USSOCOM and I opened up the old template DEVGRU_Hangar_Template linked here and updated it. I removed all the modded stuff as it was one of my pet peeves that I had to download and use mods that I didn't want to use for just one mission. I used to do it because I never felt like updating this thing to just vanilla. So this updated template only has 2 dependencies and I think 99.9% of the Arma 3 community uses them in one way or another and if you don't they are supremely simple to remove on your own. 


Mods needed are: ACE and CBA


I left all the VAS and ASORGS stuff in the mission as I found they were really simple. I took out all the references to Massi's weapons at the weapons table so if you are wanting to use this for your own stuff then go into the game logics and just type in between the quotation marks in the init field which weapons you want to use there. I also updated the weapons crates to use the larger NATO webbing ones so you can stuff those suckers to the gills if that's your thing.


Thanks to @syncie who originally built the stuff out.


With all that said here is the Updated Special Mission Unit Hangar


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