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Arma Trainer and Enhancer - ATE - Ver 1.3

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Hi everyone,


The original version of Arma Trainer and Enhancer is HERE


This is new update for Arma Trainer and Enhancer (ATE) ... Version 1.3




1- Now, you don't have to move in order the ATE box (window) to appear.

2- Updated Markers option to: OFF - KNOW ABOUT ME - ALL SEEING EYE (Yellow for your squad - Blue for friendlies - Red for enemies). Also if any of your squad mates has health less than 75, the markers will be with red circle)

     (KNOW ABOUT ME: will show markers when any other player is aware about your presence).

     (ALL SEEING EYE: will show markers of all players even if they are not aware of your presence).

2- Added: Virtual Garage - Pressing Ctrl + Print Screen will open Virtual Garage.

3- Added: Compact Box - This will remove the list of cheat hotkeys.

4- Added: Elapsed time - This will show how many minutes you have been playing since the mission started.

5- Added: My kills - This will show how many players you killed in the mission.

6- Added: My Squad - This will show your squad name and how many players still alive in your squad.

7- Added: List of alive players in your squad + health + fatigue.

8- Added: List of dead player from your squad.


Infinite Ammo option in this mod mean REALLY INFINITE, everything will be infinite, bullets, grenades, rockets, explosives, on foot or as Car or APC or Tank or Aircraft gunner, and also drones ... ALL infinite ... Just make sure that you switch Infinite Ammo option to ON.







1- Download the RAR file from the link below.

2- Extract the content of the RAR file into your ARMA 3 directory.

3- Make your ARMA launcher load this mod ... There are many threads in this forum explaining to you how to make ARMA 3 run with mods.

4- Play a campaign mission or some other community created mission and enjoy.


Download Here

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thanks! you may want to add the info from the original thread also in here


PS: any chance for steam workshop upload?

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