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Warlords game mode script

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So I had an idea for the warlords game mode. So I posted this in that thread  but not sure if nobody knows or just got missed.  But I will try here.  


My idea is to have different squad leader class names for player to chose at log in screen and once in game to only allow specific squad leaders to spawn certain assets.  For example, the code below is the beginning of the asset list for warlord that is loaded in the description.ext.


class CfgWLRequisitionPresets


class MyWLAssetList // --- class name used in the Init module


class EAST // --- assets available for OPFOR


class Infantry.....



So is it possible to filter which type of units and vehicles are available based on squad leader class name type?


So for example if I have two different squad leader types like:






Lastly, I have some ideas about a game mode which involves one side being able to choose 1 of 2 types of SL and have specific types of assets to them with different costs and the other side having 3 different squad leaders to choose from with the same.  If possible it could add a different rpg type of play to this as well.

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