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(Coop 1-3) New Year's surprise

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Author: JTS




Mission with advanced stealth mechanics. This mission was not planned, but I decided to create it before new year 2019. A little present for fans of stealth. This mission is the base for future stealth missions (I hope). This is the fastest mission I've ever done. But quality is present

The fight for Thirsk island between insurgents and the Americans has been going on for a couple of years now. About a month ago, the Americans managed to capture the southern part of the island. In the Thirsk city americans placed their armored vehicles and containers with ammunition. This is a serious threat. A couple of hours before the new year, a special forces squad of insurgents got a task to arrange for the Americans true fireworks...

- Small cutscene
- 2 localizations: English & russian
- Cold & frosty atmosphere
- Dead body detection system
- Factors influencing stealth (Reloading weapons, body stance, running / walking speed, body dragging, suspicious action, wearing a uniform, weapon's state (Lowered or not))
- Snowy weather
- Possibility to drag dead bodies

- It is recommended to enable music in your game settings
- Read briefing carefully
- NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACE and other mods, which change the behaviour of AI (like ACE)
- No JIP (Join in progress). To avoid arma bug with mission restart - choose the mission again from the mission list
- Be sure you disable all not needed mods before you start the mission (Mission will be disabled if using prohibited mods)
- To avoid problems, it is recommended to run the mods in a specific order (See steam workshop)

- Recommended monitor settings: 1920x1080, 16:9
- Recommended In-Game UI settings: (UI Size: Normal)

Credits & thanks

Urban (Mission testing)
ALIAScartoons (Snow storm scriptJDAM bomb script)























- CUP Terrains - Core

- CUP Terrains - Maps

- CUP Weapons

- CUP Units

- CUP Vehicles

- PLP Containers

- Footstep Sound Fix - Forests

- Thirsk Island

- Footstep Sound Fix - Thirsk Winter




Download (Steam workshop)

Download (Armaholic)

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Added link to armaholic
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2 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

is this needed ?


Thanks -) Yes. This is important mod :)

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Looking forward to playing this later tonight...

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15 minutes ago, EO said:

Looking forward to playing this later tonight...


Don't forget to leave feedback :grinning:

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First off, this is a really superb stealth mission, from the date, time and weather settings through to the winter outfits, it oozes a cool frosty ambience. My lone wolf play through was tough but very satisfying.

The stealth mechanics on offer here makes this mission as good as any Metal Gear or Splinter Cell vignette.


It took me 4 attempts before i reached the final objective. Once your detected the drama ramps up pretty quickly so I had to find out the hard way before I finally located the positions of all the containers. This made my final play through a satisfyingly tense affair... 


No bugs found from start to finish. :rthumb:


My only thoughts for an alternative approach would be the addition of a drone operator, it would have been cool to scope out the town from the hill... :f:




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