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Merry Crimmo Armeverse/BIStudios!

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I figure the best place to chuck this is General.

  If I am wrong mods', please do move, you guys do a wonderful job in keeping this place flowing and on target & props for you dedication., out of all BIF contributions I admire yours the most for helping steer everyone correctly here on these forums.

Anyways enough mod wet-wiping :don15:


Firstly, I'd like to congratulate CUP in there consistent and dedicated approach to improving, upgrading and modifying legacy content so it is compatible with Arma3's current build since 2013, that is 5+ years and growing, I salute your dedication to the game. :slayer:

In addition to this I would also like to thank RHS for their absolute dedication to their own mod since Arma2 and earlier, alongside CUP members and their collaboration's to show other community members and teams the type of huge project goals that can be achieved via collaboration, honesty and trust between the community groups and members.:thanx:


Secondly, I would like to thank the many anonymous groups, contributors', modelers, coders, mission authors and innovative idea people who keep this vibrant Arma community flowing with Ideas and content - which is free to all!.:icon_dj:


That last point I would like to highlight on:


ARMA and Bohemia''s modding community exists exclusively because people (professional and amateur alike) wish to openly add content to this game engine and to improve and enhance each others experiences, something which I think we all highly appreciate, respect and applaud those active members for doing so in their continued push to fix/improve and enhance the simulation for everyone who plays Bohemia Interactive titles.
I would like to think that this collaboration will continue throughout many more BI and Arma titles and through community group collaboration, I hope and pray that this is the case.


For the benefit of every community member, new and old - having the entire history of Arma "on-tap" as well as the knowledge gained by those community members is as important to the current iteration of the game and it's lore as it is to any future iteration of the game which is well preserved on the BIKI and truly I think it benefit's the game's continued success and on-boarding of new members to keep the community, genre and player-base focused on improving the title for everyone going forward, whether that is mil-sim via Arma titles or within the DayZ franchise.

I hope these successful values are also taken as a great example on how a community is built, can co-exist with any and all members, is appreciated by the community and is further honored by the flourishing DayZ community which is starting to shine with innovation with the Enfusion engine.

I bid you all a Very Merry festive period and wish you all the best for the coming year, while I do hope you keep these few pieces of guidance in mind going forward:

1. Most importantly, Enjoy the Game.

2. Make use of VOIP,  not everyone is an enemy ;)

3.  Appreciate everyone and everything that has come before what you know now - This community created what Arma3 and DayZ are now via simple existing together to create mods and content for everyone,. through their own dedicated innovation and desire to improve these games!

4. And most of all, have a good time with some mates!

5. Anything that involves lasers is cool. [This is mostly because lasers].:face_palm:




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Very nice post Uro, sentiments shared by all. :rthumb:


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