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Blacklist things in Virtual Arsenal crate - using ACE functions or not

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I'm back at it again, looking for help in blacklisting a few items from a virtual arsenal crate. 


Some background:

  • I'm using ACE3 (and some other mods like RHS)
  • This will be for a multiplayer, dedicated server
  • I want to have almost everything in the VA crate, but I want to remove a handful of things


I see that ACE now adds to the editor the ability to Whitelist and Blacklist individual elements. But I can't get it to work. I looked on the ACE3 site, but nothing there was helpful. Has anyone got this working? Can it be done through the editor?


Thanks in advance!

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It works local, but not on dedicated server, for me.  I am now trying [_box, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox; (to add all items then [_box, ["item1", "item2", "itemN"]] call ace_arsenal_fnc_removeVirtualItems to remove the items from my export in the editor

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 It may be easier , if it is just a few things, to use the EH "arsenal closed" and remove items from players inventory. They can see it in arsenal but once they leave arsenal, what ever items you choose will be deleted from their inventory. I have some MP missions with the option of no NV. Found it is just easier to delete the NV goggles from inventory. 


BIS page 



BIS example

[ missionNamespace, "arsenalOpened", {
	hint "Player opened the Arsenal"; //Hint message to the player when he opens the Arsenal
}] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler;

I run it from initplayerlocal.  Works great on hosted but to be honest have not tried it on dedicated

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