Hey guys,   Straight to the point to save your time, here are the issues a noob is going through: 1. In-game Loadout changed through Virtual Arsenal disappears upon respawn. 2. Task progress is halted upon respawn. 3. Position Sharing btw BLUFOR squads on the map don't work.   So here are the  game set-up and brief scenario. Set up: Eden Editor and 3den Enhanced Add-on to build my mission. Scenario:  1. Squad Alpha and Squad Bravo have to finish given tasks to complete the mission. 2. Both squads start inside rhibs.   My assumption on issue #1,#2 is that they come from the same reason: player loses given 'variable name' upon respawn, but I don't know this is true.   Issue#1: Partially Addressed, but creates errorbox   Issue#2: Partially Addressed, but creates serious flaw in game.(Assuming this is also connected to issue #1)   Issue#3: Unaddressed   So these are the unaddressed issues. And If my assumption is right, it will create another problem. There is a part where squad alpha and bravo merge into a same squad, and i put this script below to a trigger to enable it. if variable names are lost upon respawn, this part will also get lost too.   Thanks for reading it and i would really appreciate any kind of comment. I wish I knew how to do scripting.