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[WIP] Airborne/Offshore Assault Pack

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Ever since OFP, I've liked making  combined armed scenarios where teams fight to control an island that they don't start on (ex, malden with the training island on the south east, and the small airstrip on the north west).

Arma 3's VIV + slingloading, and placeable static ships enable such a scenario like never before, yet I feel the vanilla implementation is lacking.

While most balance between factions is a matter of the mission maker, some scenarios just can't be made balanced with vanilla assets, without use of vehicles belonging to NATO by CSAT

Consider 2 scenarios:

1) Bases are ships several km offshore, and fight over an island/islands between them:

* CSAT would have no hope at controlling the air: Black wasps against Xians is very one sided. Combined arms with fast movers is off the table for a balanced scenario.

* Even the war on the ground goes badly as CSAT can't deploy anything heavier than Ifrits and Quillins, against NATO medium armor: Rhinos and Marshals. A balanced combined arms scenario with armor is off the table.

2) Bases are on different Islands, and fight over an island/islands between them  (such as on Tanoa):

* CSAT can now match NATO in the air, and even the AAF can pose a threat it the air.

* CSAT ground vehicles still are horribly outclassed. On a map like Tanoa, the Marids can be brought into play since there's not too much water to cross, but Marids are horribly outclassed. Even The AAF ground vehicles win in this case (gorgon)

* I have yet to find a map that is both high quality, and of an appropriate scale so that the respective airbases are sufficiently far apart. Using ship bases, you can easily get 30km separation on Altis and Tanoa.


So I made a mod adding various items to each side, so that there are more options available to mission makers. All vanilla assets remain unchanged.

This includes a number of Arma 2 assets that I have ported and modified


This mod adds:

Static ships:


*    Full size aircraft carrier (No Flag): The USS freedom with its island changed, so there is no longer a prominent US flag on the island. Intended for use with CSAT/Russians, but can serve other purposes


*    An LHD, updated from the ATLAS mod by @j0nes: also comes in a no-flag variant

- A light carrier (no flag) variant, with arrestor wires and a single catapult. Intended to be used by any faction


Non-side specific body armor additions:



*    Improved Tac vests, all camo variants: The various tac vests have new versions with their armor rating increased to that of the police/gendarme variant.

*    Helmets: The basic helmet now has a generic sand color. The skate helmet now has sand and olive color variants


CSAT specific, Infantry armor:


Note: I think the armored suits are OP, and unfair, as CSAT can pick up and use NATO equipment to enhance their body armor, but NATO cant use CSAT uniforms


*    Green Hex light fatigues: No armor

*    Ghille suit semi arid: no armor

*    Ghille suit tropic: no armor

*    Pilot coveralls: No armor

*    Heli pilot coveralls: No armor

*    Hex and greenhex basic helmet variants


CSAT specific, Infantry weapons:


*    Rahim (+): Muzzle velocity increased to 870 m/s from 840. I felt CSAT was a bit lacking in the 7.62 DMR area, when the following rifles are fitting for NATO forces: mk14, mk18 EBR, and mk1 EMR


CSAT specific, ground vehicles:


*    Quilin minigun (-): Seriously, the miniguns are OP, splash damage and better penetration than an HMG?! This version's minigun has no splash damage, and the same penetration as a normal 6.5mm round.


*    Kindov (30mm CTWS): From the Arma 2 Vodnik, Amphibious and sling-loadable. CSAT now has an airmobile vehicle, protected from small arms fire, with a 30mm autocannon that is effective against NATO medium armor. Its somewhere between the Nyx: Autocannon, and the AMV-7 Marshal in combat role.

*    Kindov (LAAG): From the Arma 2 Vodnik, Amphibious and sling-loadable. Armed with a 12.7x108mm gatling gun, and has an IR sensor and targeting lead indicator. Functions as a light anti-aircraft system, and can also shred light ground vehicles, somewhat of a counterpart to the Nyx: AA.


*    Marid (+): a variant that  has more firepower by using 12.7x108mm APDS rounds in its HMG. It also has a GMG magazine variant firing weaker explosive shells at higher velocity (you can switch between the two).  It also has sling load points configured, but it is too heavy now, you can use setmass to make it light enough for a Taru to lift it.


*    Zamak SAM: a variant of the Zamack MRL, with a sensors display and datalink firing Zephyr missiles (no artillery computer obviously).


CSAT air vehicles:


*    Xian (ADV): Air defense Variant: Its radar range has been increased to 16km, it carries 300 countermeasures, has no crew capacity, and each of its 4 pylons can mount 3x A2A missiles (R77 or R73), or an ARM. It is still no match for the Black Wasp II, or NATO's F-35 that I'm also adding, but hey, its better than the old Xian.


*    To-198 Alca: An upgraded CSAT version of the Buzzard: has a tail hook so it can operate from the carriers. Max speed has been increased to over 800 km/h. Improved sensors. It is still no match for the Black Wasp II, or NATO's F-35 that I'm also adding, but hey, its better than nothing.


*    To-200 Kinzhal: A modified port of the SU-34 from Arma2: uses the same flight model as the Shikra. Has an arrestor hook, and thus can operate from carriers. Has an internal weapons bay, a radar range of 16km, same IR sensor and signature as the Shikra, an RCS modifier  of 0.7.  CSAT can now operate a real multirole/air superiority fighter from a carrier. While less stealthy than the Shikra, its longer radar range somewhat compensates, making the relative radar detection ranges between the BW and the Shikra/Kinzhal very similar.


*    Y-33 Chong-Ki: A C-130 port basically scaled up 25%, can carry a T-100 Varsuk (all other tanks are too large/heavy)/ Mora/Marshal/Marid,( Not sure about the gorgon). All other tracked vehicles are too wide. It can also carry Zamaks and 2 Kindovs at once. It has an arrestor hook, and can operate from carrier (this may be a bit much, I admit, especially when not empty). CSAT's answer to the NATO blackfish. While Kindovs and Marids are at a disadvantage against NATO Marshals and Rhinos, a T-100 isn't! While the VTOL blackfish can deploy a Rhino just about anywhere, CSAT needs to have a suitable landing strip available. For flexibility making missions, I've added placeable catapults, arrestor wires, and dynamic airports so you can make a mission where this thing operates at a place it otherwise wouldn't be able to land and takeoff from.


NATO Infantry suits/armor:


*    CTRG arid stealth suit added

*    CTRG armored stealth suits (equivalent to viper suits)

*    Uparmored CTRG stealth helmets added (equivalent to Viper gear armor values, without the built in thermal/NV vision modes)


NATO infantry weapons:


*    Promet MR (+): Muzzle velocity increased to 950 m/s. I know its an LDF weapon, but in the more LDF is part of NATO.

*    MAR-10 (+): Fire rate increased, but still semi-auto

*    M320LRR (+): Can load a magazine with new .408 SLAP rounds, similar to (but weaker than) the 12.7x108mm APDS rounds of the GM6 - I felt NATO was lacking an anti-armor rifle


NATO ground vehicles


*    Prowler HMG (+): The HMG sight now can get a bit of magnification


*    NATO Strider (sand and olive camos)


*    NATO Gorgon (sand and olive camoss)


*    NATO Nyx (all variants, sand and olive camos): turret stabilized, AT variant missiles can also use SACLOS guidance, autocannon variant AP shells buffed a bit, AA variant has an IR sensor.


*    Truck (Ammo/Repair variants): from the Truck (Boxer), a lighter logistics truck, since NATO has not air transportable logistics trucks (though Huron containers do work)


*    Zamak SAM: a variant of the Zamack MRL, with a sensors display and datalink firing Zephyr missiles (no artillery computer obviously). I kind of don't like NATO using Zamaks... but if the LDF does... I just wanted NATO to have a mobile SAM launcher that can threaten higher flying fast jets


NATO air vehicles



*   F-35 VTOL added: For when you don't want to use a full size carrier. Datalinked by default


*   NATO Gryphon (+) variant added: Not all NATO members can afford 5th gen fighters.


*   Black wasp II (+): IR sensor range increased, loadout choices expanded, is a bit faster. Datalinked by default


*   Blackfoot (+) IR sensor range increased to be equal to that of the Kajman, stealth buffed. Datalinked by default


*   AH-96 Cheyenne added: A port of the AH-64, and NATO's answer to the Kajman for raw rotary wing firepower. Changes from a standard AH-64 are 2 extra pylons (at the ends of each stub wing, for Falchions/Bim-9s, so its like an AH-1 zulu cobra), and a longer barrel duel feed 30mm cannon. datalinked by default


* Sentinel UCAV (+): has a pilot camera with a laser designator, because the UI for self designation was a pain. Radar range increased, and it can also carry AAMs.




Independent faction changes.


* Mora (+), armed with a40mm cannon

* Upgraded hellcat helo: 19x DAGR/DAR pods, IR sensor to allow for scalpel locks

* Upgraded Nyxs, stabilized turrets for thearmed variants. The cannon's power has been buffed a bit, and the AT missiles can be manually guided. The AA variant also has an IR sensor

* Upgraded Buzzard, similar to the above CSAT version

* Slightly upgraded A-149, faster, slightly better sensors, can mount 2x HARMs

I'm considering an AV-8 port

* Horizon Island Defense Forces infanty for Tanoa, an AH-9 version for Syndicate.


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So the F-35 has been updated...

The Xian's armament choices are better, its sensors got a large boost, and it packs 300 countermeasures now:



The Marid is "working", but still looks a bit funky when being slung under a heli:



It packs a NSV-T HMG firing APDS rounds... for its 40mm GL, I've added a new magazine type... sabot-grendades... smaller grenades with a higher muzzle velocity to make it function more like an autocannon firing HE shells.


Anyone interested in these?

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Bump, Updated and uploaded a WIP Vodnik BPPU port (Kindov 30mm CTWS), and a "light carrier" modification of the LHD without national markings (has a catapult and arrestor wire functionality).

Added a CSAT Buzzard (To-198 Alca) that has an arrestor hook (model is WIP), allowing CSAT to operate a fixed wing aircraft from offshore aside from the Xian (the lower RCS of the buzzard really helps when taking down SAM radars with the ARM missiles)

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Currently working on a modified C-130 Hercules port, mostly scaled up by 1.2x, and made into a vehicle (only) transport. I'm going to give it a CSAT Skin, and make the Marid too heavy to sling load again. CUrrently calling it the Chong-Ki Boi (It is a "chonky" boy)

CSAT will thus only be able to slingload Qillins, Ifrits, and Kindovs, to NATO/AAF's Prowlers/Hunters/Nyxs.

While NATO's blackfish can transport Rhino's and Marshals (and Zamacks), CSAT's CHong-ki Boi can transport Marids, Zamacks, and I made it juuussst big enough (and set the mass limit just high enough) to transport 1x T-100 Varsuk.

So CSAT would be able to move MBTs by air, but would need to secure an airfield to land it, in contrast to the Blackfish which can land anywhere.

And.. I'm going to give it a tailhook, although its too big to operate from the LHD based light carrier, a reskinned USS freedom is just big enough.

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Going to update in the next few days.

New additions (WIP)

A variant of the Kindov with a 12.7x108mm gatling gun and target lead indicator for short range air defense (and shredding soft vehicles)


A modified port of Arma 2's AH-64 for Blufor


A modified port of the SU-34, to function as a carrier based multirole fighter for CSAT


Zamak SAM variant for all factions

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Hey is there a way to add Autopilot to the AC-130 type Blackfish, like they had in the USAF mod? I can't use it properly and stay on target.


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@Digger James I think you should ask the USAF mod about that, that is beyond my skillset. I am basically just tinkering with Config files, basic retexturing, and basic model editing of Arma 2 models.


On another note, I've ported and modified the Arma 2 M119, now intended to be used as a slingloadable direct fire AT gun (the model has a longer barrel now). The 105mm HEAT shells aren't very good against tanks though, so this is mainly an APC killer.

I'll tinker with it a bit more before uploading it. I'm thinking of giving it to all factions.

I'm also thinking of a less modified (with the shorter, standard barrel) version as a static howitzer, that can now be moved by slingloading (and maybe even by flatbeds).

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I decided to port and modify the MV-22 from Arma 2 as well. It gives NATO something closer to CSAT's Xian. Unlike Arma 2, this version is armed. Its still WIP

2x missile/rocket pylons on each side of the fusalage. Can mount 4x scalpels, DAGRs/DARs (uncluding a modded 19x DAR odel using the sykfire model), ASRAAMs/BIM-9s. 

1x underbelly pylon that can mount a 20mm cannon pod

3x pylons for 6.5mm miniguns - but only 1 should be used at once:

*one pylon follows the gunner's turret, standard turret mechanics

*one pylon follows the gunner's targetting camera, enabling the gunner to aim the minigun using the targeting camera, as an interesting variation on aiming turreted weapons (I prefer it given the targetting camera's slew abilities focusing on an area, following a target, etc)

*one pylon follows the pilot targetting camera, enabling the pilot to aim the minigun (mainly intended for single player)


It can fold its wings, uses the jets DLC wing fold mechanics to prevent flying with the wings/rotors folded (speed of 1 or more unfolds the wing).

Its configured as a ViV yet, and I've configured the VIV cargo area to be a bit bigger than it really should be, to allow transport of prowlers and the Nyx variants (IRL, the Wisel 1 may fit in a V-22, but the Wiesel 2 wouldn't)


On another note, I had some morethoughts about what I'd want to do to change Arma 3, and what I could do by just porting+modifying arma 2 assets, or freely available assets:


I need a LCAC/landing craft.

Armored vehicle combat is ver unbalanced. For heavy transport, its Nato's Blackfish vs the Y-33 Ching-Ki: Rhino's against T-100s? not a good match up IMO- Rhinos get one shotted by tanks, but can't one shot tanks, and end up acting as artillery with the Maruk ATGMs.

Also, the Chong-Ki really takes up a lot of deck space on a carrier, and is very impractical. Won't fit on a light carrier/LHD.

That leaves a Blackfish vs Taru matchup... of Rhinos, marshals, any Nyx's (Nocii?) against (modded) Marids and Kindovs... not a good match up.

Plus the blackfish also takes up a loottt of deck space. Not really practical on LHDs. Even if you have your deck layout to fit one on, its just one, lose it and your heavy vehicles are stuck on the ship with no way to get to shore.

Without it, armored combat is limited to the Nyx and MRAPs against MRAPs and Kindovs for CSAT... fairly equal, but not very armored...


And the deck space issue also bring up Helicopter issues, particularly for LHDs: They can't be used below deck, and need a lot of space between them on the upper deck (rotor collisions).

Trying to keep the flight deck clear for STOVL/catobar aircraft limits space too. VTOL Xians won't fit below the deck.

The result is few helicopters on deck to sling the large things:






So, I think some folding rotors and wings for helos and VTOLs is needed. Hence porting the V-22. I think I will try and make my AH-96 fold its rotors. 

But now I think I'd like to port CH-47's and MH-60s, and make their rotors fold to allow more stuff to fit on deck... but thats more work than I have time for now



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So, I wasn't super happy with the SU-34 port as a carrier based alternative to the F-181 black wasp. The idea was that it would be an update to the Flanker series similar to the proposed F-15 "Silent Eagle"... but there's no getting around that cockpit not even being up to standards of a 4th generation multirole fighter.

So instead, I modified the Arma 2 F-35. I figure the J-31 is accused of being a F-35 knockoff and product of chinese espionage on the JSF program... and I also took inspiration from the chinese J-20 (ie, having canards), and ended up with something looking a lot like early X-32 concept art. Its distinct from the F-35F, but still obviously very similar:









In its current iteration, it has 2 variants, one which is STOVL (it is configured as VTOL = 1 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_CfgVehicles_Plane_class_config_reference#vtol but its thrust at zero airspeed is insufficient for a vertical takeoff), and the other of which has an arrestor hook. The STOVL variant is a bit more limited in its internal weapons capacity. 

Overall, it is similar to the Shikra as far as sensors go (radar range = 13km, radar target size = 0.6, IR A2A sensor range = 5km), but it is slower (only a bit faster than the gryphon) but a bit more maneuverable (handling parameters lifted off the A-149 Gryphon). It lacks an internal gun, does not carry SDBs (but can carry 4x scalpel racks internally), does not carry DAGRs (but can carry 7x skyfire racks internally), does not have a lightweight ARM but can carry 2 KH58s internally.


I also heavily modified the fishing boat to make landing craft capable of carrying tanks, still a WIP and its been improved a bit since these pics. Right now, its just for the civilian side, but I intend to make side specific entries.


Small "ferry" variant:







Larger "LCU" variant that loads/unloads at the front instead of the back:



I'm still tweaking the models, but 4 of these can fit in the well deck of an LHD, and I've set their top speed to be around 45km/h so that they can be used somewhat practically from bases several KM offshore, given time constraints of gameplay, and to make travel by boat faster in many cases than driving (if it allows a more direct route).


Lastly, also tweaked my version of the qilin (minigun) so that it fires standard 6.5mm rounds instead of 1 round (at the cost of 3 ammo units) with a very high penetration value, that does splash damage. Instead of a more penetrating round doing splash damage, I've configured it like a shotgun with subminitions, so each shot uses 3 ammo, and fires 3x 6.5mm rounds (essentially, each shot is a shotgun blast with 3 pellets), so it really can saturate an area with 6.5mm rounds, and not splash damage.


And with that, I don't think I'll do anymore.

Each side has 5th gen carrier based multirole fighters.

Each side can deploy heavy/tracked armor across water.

Each side can air deploy light armor with autocannons and AT/AA missiles.

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due to the updated steam WS Eula the mod has been set to private, you have to manually make it public again

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