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[WIP] Airborne/Offshore Assault Pack

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While most balance between factions is a matter of the mission maker, I found there were simply some gaps in the capabilities presented by the vanilla+DLC lineup, such as CSAT having very limited options for conducting aerial assaults/or fighting starting from an offshore position.

So I made a mod adding various items to each side, so that there are more options available to mission makers. All vanilla assets remain unchanged.

When absolutely necessary, I have ported and modified assets from Arma 2.

NATO gets the most additions, but many are redundant, CSAT perhaps gets the greatest expansion of capabilities


Non-side specific additions:


*   Full size aircraft carrier: The USS freedom with its island changed, so there is no longer a prominent US flag on the island, and has a bit different silhouette. It also sits a bit lower in the water


*   LHD with no national markings, from the ATLAS mod by @j0nes: Use it as a heli-carrier or a VTOL carrier for any side. It can store a lot of ground vehicles inside its hull as well


*   Light Carrier LHD variant: Has a single aircraft catapult, and arrestor wires. Not nearly as suited for handling the launch and recovery of large numbers of aircraft, but its there.

*   Improved Tac vests, all camo variants: The various tac vests have new versions with their armor rating increased to that of the police/gendarme variant.

*   Helmets: The basic helmet now has a generic sand color. The skate helmet now has sand and olive color variants


CSAT specific, main goals

1) to allow for the option to make soldiers more "mook-ish",

2) to add amphibious/offshore assault options to better compete with AAF nyx variants and NATO blackfish delivered Marshals and Rhinos (Ifrits and Qilins are rather squishy or underarmed)

3) to increase their ability to project airpower from an offshore base/ship. A 4x Sahr-3 armed Xian/Kajman doesn't really cut it against carrier launched black wasps.


*   Armor-less pilot coveralls, full ghille suits, and jungle variant light fatigues

*   Hex/green hex pattern basic helmets

*   Upgraded Marid: a variant that can be airlifted by a Taru, and has more firepower by using 12.7x108mm APDS rounds in its HMG. It also has a GMG ammo variant firing weaker explosive shells at higher velocity. *its got sling load points configured, but it is too heavy now, you can use setmass to re-enable this*


*   A port of the Vodnik BPPU: called the Kindov, it is fitted with the same 30mm CTWS cannon found on the Kaymsh. It is capable of being slung underneath a Taru, and poses a threat to Marshals, Rhinos, Nyxs, etc, while protecting its crew from small arms fire.



*    Air defense Variant of the Xian: Its radar range has been increased to 16km, it carries 300 countermeasures, has no crew capacity, and each of its 4 pylons can mount 3x A2A missiles (R77 or R73), or an ARM



*    An upgraded CSAT Buzzard: Like the L-159 Alca of arma 2 vs the L-39 albatross, its max speed has been increased to over 800 km/h. Its radar range has been increased to 11.5 km, increased IR range, and it can carry R-77s, R-73s, and a KH-58 ARM on its center pylon. As the Buzzard has a lower RCS than the Xian, it is in someways better suited for attacking radars. Unlike the vanilla buzzard, this one has a tail hook, so

*    A modified port of the SU-34 from Arma2: uses the same flight model as the Shikra. Has an internal weapons bay, a radar range of 16km, same IR sensor as the Shikra, same IR signature as the Shikra, an RCS modifier for a semi-stealth version of 0.7 (Shikra's stealth RCS modifier is 0.6). It has an arrestor hook, and thus can operate from carriers

*    CSAT now has a  fixed wing non-vtol options to operate from new carriers.

*    A C-130 port basically scaled up 25%, can carry a T-100 Varsuk (but no other tanks), a Mora, Marshal, Marid, ot sure about the gorgon. All other tracked vehicles are too wide


Independent specific:


* Upgraded Mora, 40mm cannon

* Upgraded hellcat helo: 19x DAGR/DAR pods, IR sensor to allow for scalpel locks

* Upgraded Nyxs, stabilized turrets for the cannon and AT variants. The cannon's power has been buffed a bit, and the AT missiles can be manually guided

* Upgraded Buzzard, similar to the above CSAT version

* Slightly upgraded A-149, faster, slightly better sensors, can mount 2x HARMs

I'm considering an AV-8 port

* Horizon Island Defense Forces for Tanoa, an AH-9 version for Syndicate.


NATO specific


*   F-35 VTOL added

*   NATO Nyx, Stider, Gorgon, and Gryphon variants added

*   Black wasp IR sensor changed, range increased

*   Added a smaller shorter ranged HARM variant that can be internally carried by the black wasp and F-35

*   Blackfoot IR sensor range increased, stealth buffed

*   Truck boxer ammo and repair variants added

*   CTRG arid stealth suit added

*   CTRG armored stealth suits and uparmored helmets added (equivalent to Viper gear, without the built in thermal/NV vision modes... so with the TI goggles, the loadout it slightly heavier with a more restricted FOV 


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So the F-35 has been updated...

The Xian's armament choices are better, its sensors got a large boost, and it packs 300 countermeasures now:



The Marid is "working", but still looks a bit funky when being slung under a heli:



It packs a NSV-T HMG firing APDS rounds... for its 40mm GL, I've added a new magazine type... sabot-grendades... smaller grenades with a higher muzzle velocity to make it function more like an autocannon firing HE shells.


Anyone interested in these?

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Bump, Updated and uploaded a WIP Vodnik BPPU port (Kindov 30mm CTWS), and a "light carrier" modification of the LHD without national markings (has a catapult and arrestor wire functionality).

Added a CSAT Buzzard (To-198 Alca) that has an arrestor hook (model is WIP), allowing CSAT to operate a fixed wing aircraft from offshore aside from the Xian (the lower RCS of the buzzard really helps when taking down SAM radars with the ARM missiles)

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Currently working on a modified C-130 Hercules port, mostly scaled up by 1.2x, and made into a vehicle (only) transport. I'm going to give it a CSAT Skin, and make the Marid too heavy to sling load again. CUrrently calling it the Chong-Ki Boi (It is a "chonky" boy)

CSAT will thus only be able to slingload Qillins, Ifrits, and Kindovs, to NATO/AAF's Prowlers/Hunters/Nyxs.

While NATO's blackfish can transport Rhino's and Marshals (and Zamacks), CSAT's CHong-ki Boi can transport Marids, Zamacks, and I made it juuussst big enough (and set the mass limit just high enough) to transport 1x T-100 Varsuk.

So CSAT would be able to move MBTs by air, but would need to secure an airfield to land it, in contrast to the Blackfish which can land anywhere.

And.. I'm going to give it a tailhook, although its too big to operate from the LHD based light carrier, a reskinned USS freedom is just big enough.

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