by Rydygier & Gunter Severloh   Download Google Drive - Hermes Airlift Services Script v1.96 Module version - Hermes Airlift Services Mod v1.96 Manual PDF - Hermes Airlift Services PDF Manual   Eden Editor Configuration & Setup (Tutorial)       1. Description Hermes Airlift Services is an easy to set up yet versatile and customizable script that enables heli airlift in a scenario.  The mission creator defines the "base" game logic, heli(s) to serve as an aerial taxi for units to be transported on demand. HAS also provides an accompanying background chat for communications specific to typical situations, that could break procedure.    2. Features Airlifting for units to a chosen destination or back to base. Task initialized by radio call or by entering a helicopter at base. Map click to choose a destination. CAS support with custom attack behavior, for HAS helicopters that are armed with any missiles or rockets. Helicopter will wait until all units are aboard and give the action to go to a new destination or RTB. Variety of customization options through the modules settings. Ability to cancel pending airlift. The ability to point to an alternative LZ if landing is not possible at the chosen coordinates while mid flight. Daylight smoke, and night signals (flares) to mark the chosen extraction LZ. Text radio chat communications or audio & text from the vanilla airlift support module. Customizable call limits - set to -1 and have unlimited calls, set it to 4 and have only 4 call heli missions. Possibility of adding new units and helis on the fly. Logic handles special situations (not enough cargo space, heli destroyed/unable to fly etc.). Optional auto embark/disembark, *except for player controlled units and player lead groups. On teamswitch all playable units synced to the module in the editor will get the "call helicopter" and "Call for supplies" action provided one being switched to is the player. Fast-roping. AI units after fast roping will take random positions few meters around in an all around defense to avoid next unit landing on previous unit's head. Supply Drop - (Slingload or Paradrop). Supply Drop - (Slingload or Paradrop) with option to have the ammo have smoke and glowsticks for better locating of the crate. Option to map click a supply drop. Destination choice action appears, when heli is landed at pick up pos (no waiting for all to board, radio call) or when at least one of appointed units boards any appointed heli (first one boarded will be used). Four actions to change flight ceiling on-the-fly. Option to add virtual Arsenal to supply drop. Optional usage of 0-8 supports menu instead of most of mouse actions, except for destination choice actions. 0-8 variant includes manual choice of the heli to use for the call (always, via submenu). Alternative landing (experimental, will enforce autodisembark at destination, if not RTB or fast roping, faster descent). Respawn compatibility (player should get back HAS actions after respawn). Helicopter is able to respawn when in MP if it gets destroyed, and still be able to support. MP & JIP compatibility. After completing a task a heli can be called back mid flight to provide support for another task instead of RTB. Contour Flight mode - if set in the module, heli will fly as close to the ground as possible (good for those stealth insertion missions/ under the radar). 3. Script set up Paste HAS folder into mission folder Paste demo's init.sqf content into mission's init.sqf init.sqf if (isServer) then { call compile preprocessFile "HAS\userConfig.sqf"; call compile preprocessFile "HAS\HAS_fnc.sqf"; [] call RYD_HAS_Init; }; Adjust init variables located on the top of HAS_fnc.sqf Into RYD_HAS_STT array put names of all units, that will be using airlift. Optimally if all of them form a single group. At least one of them has to be player-controlled. In the editor, place at chosen point Game Logic named  RYD_HAS_Base In the editor, place at least one helicopter to be used for airlifting (cargo space must be big enough for all transported units). Put names of all helicopters into RYD_HAS_allChoppers in the HAS_fnc.sqf Alternative way for one vehicle:  name single helicopter as RYD_HAS_Chopper   Note: If mission is on a dedicated server, then use initserver.sqf   4. How it works Once the mission initiates, all units named in the HAS_fnc.sqf  RYD_HAS_STT array  will get the "Call helicopter"  and "Call Supply Drop" added to their action menu giving them the ability to call an airlift.     It is visible only to the player-controlled character (making a call require player action). The action represents a radio call for airlift.   When used, if all is OK, the number of calls left will be decreased by 1 and after a short background radio chat,  the closest heli able to perform the task will start and fly towards the caller's position. When approaching, the pilot will search for presence of any proper signal putting the extraction LZ around caller's position (of any origin, not only placed by the player!).    The signal is typically a smoke grenade or flare.  If there was no signal given before the helicopter arrives, the pilot will request a signal based on if its day or night and start to loiter over the area for set amount of time waiting for signal to be given. If the signal is not given in that time, the heli will RTB.   If the signal is seen then the pilot will scan the area for a safe LZ spot.     If not found, the player will be informed and asked to point to an alternate extraction coordinate via map click. This will be repeated until a suitable spot is found.  When the LZ is found, the heli will land allowing units to embark. At this point the caller may cancel the airlift via another mouse action. When all units are aboard, the caller will get two actions:  transport to another location (pointed via map click) or RTB.         After the destination is chosen, the heli will fly there, land allowing disembark, wait until all units are out, then RTB. After the heli lands back at base a new call can be made.    If units are closer than 100 meters to the closest of appointed helis, radio call is not available. In this case, or if player chooses,  the airlift may be initialized simply by all units embarking in the appointed helicopter.       Once inside the actions for choosing a destination will become available,  returning back to base will not.   The task will immediately end if: There's no more appointed helicopters alive for airlifting units. Chosen heli is destroyed or deleted. Pilot of the chosen heli is killed or deleted. Chosen heli is unable to fly due to damage or lack of fuel. Airlift is cancelled by the player.   5. User Customization Variables - (located in HAS > userConfig.sqf )   Changelog: Credits & Thanks Thanks to the following BIS forum Community
members for their ideas and feedback: ayoung           -  (Fastrope idea) johnnyboy      -  (Fastrope animation, elevation) lordfrith          -   (Slingloading idea/code) Jnr4817         -   (Heli Elevation idea) Community Feedback